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TCM Film Fest, Docs and Dicks: April 2014 in Films

It’s surprising how little time you have to watch films when you a) work forty hours a week 2) do things with friends d) are trying to read a book a week. Actually, no it’s not. I think gone  forever are the days when I’ll average 2 or more films a day. I’m barely averaging one a day these days. But, because I live on Los Angeles, I am getting to see some really amazing films on the big screen! I saw the entire Decline trilogy and several really great docs that had limited runs. In fact, all five of my “favorite” films for this month I saw on the big screen! So, as always, after the cut is the full count, plus five highlighted films. Oh, and if you want to check out all of my coverage from this year’s TCM Film Festival, go here.


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