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Movie Quote of the Day – Bedelia, 1946 (dir. Lance Comfort)


Bedelia Carrington: I want you to stay away from me altogether.
Ben Chaney: Do you? Why?
Bedelia Carrington: I’m happily married. I intend to remain so.
Ben Chaney: But your husband wants your portrait.
Bedelia Carrington: That’s not what you want.

Movie Quote of the Day – A Letter To Three Wives, 1949 (dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz)


Mrs. Finney: Can’t we have peace in this house even on New Year’s Eve?
Sadie: You got it mixed up with Christmas. New Year’s Eve is when people go back to killing each other.

Dana Andrews Blogathon: My Eternal Love For Laura

I first saw Laura about two years ago during the inaugural Noirvember in 2010 (which later led to the creation of the filmnoirandfemmefatales as run by  salesonfilm and myself). I loved it when I first saw it, but I watched so many films after it (2010 was the year I watched 517 new-to-me films, followed by 1117 in 2011) that it kind of got lost in the ether.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Easy Living, 1937 (dir. Mitchell Leisen)

Mary Smith:  Didn’t you study to be anything?
John Ball Jr.: Anything like what?
Mary Smith:  Oh, like a dentist or something?
John Ball Jr.: Uh-uh.
Mary Smith:  Well, how did you expect to while away the hours after you grew up?
John Ball Jr.: I didn’t have to study to do that. In training, I’ve whiled away an hour in 26 minutes flat. Oh course, I’ve always had the dream I could do it in 25, but. . .

Movie Quote of the Day – Laura, 1944 (dir. Otto Preminger)

Waldo Lydecker: I cannot stand these morons any longer. If you don’t come with me this instant I shall run amok.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Blue Gardenia, 1953 (dir. Fritz Lang)


Sally Ellis: I didn’t like Prebble when he was alive. [beat] But now that he’s been murdered, that always makes a man so romantic.