Site Update: The Japanese Cinema Blogathon, Some Contenders and More

A few things

  • The Japanese Cinema Blogathon has concluded. I think it was a wonderful success. We had 63 contributed posts over seven days. I’m not sure how much money we raised, but based just on the clicks to the donation page from my site alone, I think we raised quite a bit. I hope everyone who participated had fun. I know I did!
  • I’ve added some new names and films to the “The Contenders” list on the right side of the site. This is basically the films I think have a good chance being nominated in various categories. This is all sight-unseen, and based on the pedigree of the films.
  • Oscar Vault Monday is about a month away from its 1 year Anniversary! There were two weeks at the beginning of the feature’s inception wherein I made no posts, so when it does reach the 1-year milestone, it will only be 50 posts. But that’s still quite a bit. More news on that as the date approaches.
  • I just finished reading Sidney Lumet’s Making Movies. It is a fabulous book and I recommend it to anyone who loves films.
  • On a personal note, my mother is raising money for the Avon “In It To End It” Breast Cancer Walk in Washington D.C. If you’d like to contribute, you can do so here (every little bit helps!)
  • I signed up for a account, so if you have any questions or comments or anything that need a longer answer, feel free to drop me a line.
  • Lastly, as many of you know I watch a lot of films. Well, I am going to try to review at least one film a week for YAM Magazine. You can see my reviews here.

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  1. Just wanted to say that you and Japan // Cinema did such a fantastic job with this Blogathon!! Kudos to your efforts and I hope it helped generate a good amount of aid and awareness.

    All the Best,

    Marc @ Go,See,Talk!

  2. I just published an essay on The Ghibli Blog to conclude the blogathon. I’m not sure if you’re still posting links, so here it is:

    This post is about the trailer for Toei Doga’s 1958 movie Hakujaden, which was Japan’s first color animated feature. I include a quick history and a few thoughts, as well as a couple screenshots. I wrap it up with a download link to the Hakujaden fansub, so everyone can watch and enjoy for themselves (the DVD was never released in America).

    Thanks again for the terrific blogathon. I’m more than happy to contribute again, when the need arises. Japan is going to need our attention and help for some time.

    Speaking of which, in April, The Ghibli Blog will be having a Future Boy Conan blogathon, where we watch and discuss one episode every evening. I’d be thrilled if everyone who contributed to the Japan Cinema Blogathon (especially the Studio Ghibli reviews) would join in. If you’ve never seen Conan, that’s fine. We’ll only be watching one episode a day, so that gives everyone plenty of time to get their fansub copy.

    Thanks again for everything. Good Jorb!

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