Movie Quote of the Day – Hannah and Her Sisters, 1986 (dir. Woody Allen)

Mickey: And I remember very clearly, I walked the streets. I walked and I walked. I didn’t know what was going through my mind. It all seemed so violent and unreal to me. I wandered for a long time on the Upper West Side, you know. It must have been hours. My feet hurt, my head was pounding and I had to sit down. I went into a movie house. I didn’t know what was playing or anything. I just, I just needed a moment to gather my thoughts and be logical and put the world back into rational perspective. And I went upstairs to the balcony and I sat down. And, you know, the movie was a film that I’d seen many times in my life since I was a kid, and I always loved it. And, you know, I’m watching these people up on the screen and I started getting hooked on the film. And I started to feel: “How can you think of killing yourself? Isn’t it so stupid? I mean, look at all the people up there on the screen. You know, they’re real funny, and what if the worst is true? What if there’s no God, you only go around once, that’s it? Well, don’t you, you know, want to be part of the experience? You know, what the hell, it’s not all a drag. ” And I’m thinking to myself, “Jeez, I should stop ruining my life searching for answers I’m never going to get and just enjoy it while it lasts. ” And, you know, after, who knows? I mean, you know maybe there is something, nobody really knows. I know “maybe” is a slim reed to hang your whole life on but that’s the best we have. And then I started to sit back and I actually began to enjoy myself.

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