Movie Quote of the Day – Philadelphia, 1993 (dir. Jonathan Demme)

Andrew Beckett: Congratulations, Counselor.
Joe Miller: Congratulations?
Andrew Beckett: You’ve survived what I assume to be your first gay party intact.
Joe Miller: Let me tell you something, Andrew, when you’re brought up the way I am, the way most people are in this country, there’s not a whole lot of discussion about homosexuality or what do you call it, alternate lifestyles. As a kid you’re taught that queers are funny, queers are weird, queers dress up like their mother. That they’re afraid to fight, that they’re a danger to little kids and that all they want to do is get into your pants. [beat] That pretty much sums up the general thinking out there if you want to know the truth about it.
Andrew Beckett: Thank you for sharing that with me.
Joe Miller: You’re very welcome.


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