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Movie Quote of the Day – Philadelphia, 1993 (dir. Jonathan Demme)

Andrew Beckett: Congratulations, Counselor.
Joe Miller: Congratulations?
Andrew Beckett: You’ve survived what I assume to be your first gay party intact.
Joe Miller: Let me tell you something, Andrew, when you’re brought up the way I am, the way most people are in this country, there’s not a whole lot of discussion about homosexuality or what do you call it, alternate lifestyles. As a kid you’re taught that queers are funny, queers are weird, queers dress up like their mother. That they’re afraid to fight, that they’re a danger to little kids and that all they want to do is get into your pants. [beat] That pretty much sums up the general thinking out there if you want to know the truth about it.
Andrew Beckett: Thank you for sharing that with me.
Joe Miller: You’re very welcome.

20 years of Best Actor nominees

Much like my earlier post featuring my ten favorite performances nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars since 1989, I bring you my top performances nominated for Best Actor. However, there was no way I could limit this list to ten, even paring it down to fifteen was pretty hard. So here goes nothing. If you’re interested in buying any of the films listed below, click here.

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