Yesterday Was The Site’s 4th Anniversary. . .

. . .and I totally missed it.

And I don’t have any fancy graphics or any big long essays about how great this year was (even though it really was!). But I do have this video:

Also, here are some highlights from this last year of blogging/my life:

  • Went to New York City and recorded the Oscars podcast with Ryan from The Matinee.
  • Went to TCMFF for the third year, did great interviews, was on TCM.
  • Moved to Los Angeles.
  • Met William Friedkin, David Lynch, Paul Schrader, Shirley Jones, Clu Gulager and many other awesome people.
  • Graduated with my MFA in Screenwriting (this just happened).

Things that will be happening:

  • Oscar Vault Monday will come back soon!
  • Hopefully more other writing.
  • Maybe sell a screenplay? That would be nice.

I’m so glad you all have been along for the ride for the last few years. I’m sorry I dropped the ball and posted this thing so late!

About Marya E. Gates

Cinephile to the max.

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  1. ::Woot!:: how cool it that; this is a great site and a terrific accomplishment. I always read your email, and I can’t say that for many sites.

  2. Very cool! Congrats on your accomplishments so far this year and four years of excellent blogging!

  3. Hey that’s me!
    Thanks for the mention and congrats on 4 years, plus a pretty spectacular 2013.
    Hopefully you can be the show’s first four-time guest in a few weeks!

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