Movie Quote of the Day – Requiem for a Dream, 2000 (dir. Darren Aronofsky)


Sara Goldfarb: I almost fit in my red dress. The one I wore to your high school graduation. The one your father liked so much. Oh, I remember how he looked at me in that red dress.
Harry Goldfarb: Ma, what’s the big deal about the red dress?
Sara Goldfarb: I’m going to wear it at. . . You don’t know! I’m gonna be on television. I got a call and an application. . .
Harry Goldfarb: Come on, Ma, who’s pulling your leg?
Sara Goldfarb: No, no, no. I’m tellin’ ya. I’m gonna be a contestant on television. They haven’t told me when yet, but you’ll be proud when you see your mother in her red dress on TV.
Harry Goldfarb: What is the big deal?. Those pills will kill you before you get on.
Sara Goldfarb: “Big deal?” You drove up in a cab. Did you see who had the best seat? I’m somebody now, Harry. Everybody likes me. Soon. . .millions of people will see me and they’ll all like me. I’ll tell them about you and your father. How good he was to us. Remember? It’s a reason to get up in the morning. It’s a reason to lose weight, to fit in the red dress. It’s a reason to smile. It makes tomorrow all right. [sighs] What have I got, Harry? Hmm? Why should I even make the bed or wash the dishes? I do them, but why should I? I’m alone. Your father’s gone, you’re gone. I got no one to care for. What have I got, Harry? I’m lonely. I’m old.
Harry Goldfarb: You got friends, Ma.
Sara Goldfarb: It’s not the same. They don’t need me. I like the way I feel. I like thinking about the red dress and the television and you and your father. Now when I get the sun, I smile.


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