March 2019 in Films

March was a pretty crazy month for me. As you may have seen on Twitter, I announced that I left my job at TCM to take a job at Netflix. This meant closing down my apartment in Atlanta and getting set up in LA. It also meant I had a lot of time in my apartment – which led to an increased amount of viewing in March over February’s pitiful number. There were some new releases I had hoped to catch before the month ended that I did not make it to, but there’s always April! As always, after the cut you can see all the films I watched in March, as well as a handful of favorites.

  1. Period. End of Sentence.
  2. The Mighty Quinn
  3. La chambre bleue (The Blue Room)
  4. Barbara (2017)
  5. King of Jazz
  6. Captain Marvel
  7. The Equalizer 2
  8. Somersault
  9. The Wedding Guest (2019)
  10. Us
  11. Destination Wedding
  12. It’s My Turn
  13. Juanita (2019)
  14. Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
  15. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
  16. Weary River
  17. It’s Always Fair Weather
  18. Street Girl
  19. On With The Show
  20. Inside The Lines
  21. Another Part of the Forest
  22. Sweet November (1968)
  23. ‘Til We Meet Again
  24. Wild Oranges
  25. The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
  26. Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar
  27. The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)
  28. Jane Fonda in Five Acts
  29. Queen of the Damned

1880s: 0
1890s: 0
1900s: 0
1910s: 0
1920s: 4
1930s: 3
1940s: 2
1950s: 1
1960s: 2
1970s: 0
1980s: 2
1990s: 0
2000s: 3
2010s: 12

The Mighty Quinn, 1989 (dir. Carl Schenkel)

This is our first glimpse of Denzel as Movie Star and it is so much fun. It really sets the tone for his 90s filmography perfectly. I’ve only got ten films left to complete his filmography. Been trying to finish it off for years now so I really need to step up here in 2019.

Us, 2019 (dir. Jordan Peele)

The less you know about this movie going in the better. Afterwards, there is a whole syllabus worth of essays already written about it. Suffice to say, I dug it immensely.

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story, 2017 (dir. Alexandra Dean)

This doesn’t include much beyond what well-informed Old Hollywood fans already knew, but it’s nice to see it packaged in a way that makes Lamarr’s story more accessible to everyone.

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), 2017 (dir. Noah Baumbach)

I was definitely not ready for this movie when it came out and I am so glad I waited a few years to see it. The finale scene between Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman destroyed me (in a good way). If you don’t like Baumbachian characters, you will not like this film, but for those of us who are on the same wavelength as him, it’s his best in many years.

Jane Fonda in Five Acts, 2018 (dir. Susan Lacy)

I really enjoyed the structure of this documentary. The five acts are her relationships with four important men in her life, followed by her current act which came with the realization that she is her own person and should never have been defining herself by the men in her life. The interviews with Fonda are lovely and it makes the case for Fonda’s importance in 20th century history without becoming hagiographical.

And thus March became April. I’ve got several films I hope to catch in theaters this week before I start my new gig. I’m hoping to keep up the pace of a film a day and I hope you do too! Go out and support the films and filmmakers who are making the films you want to see!

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