December 2019 in Films

The final month of the final year of the decade. How did we get here??? Time is an illusion, but the enjoyment you get from movies is real. Dig it! With that, here is everything I watched in this month.

  1. The Black Godfather
  2. Marriage Story
  3. Portrait de la jeune fille en feu (Portrait of a Lady on Fire)
  4. Ad Astra
  5. 6 Underground
  6. Quincy
  7. Echo In the Canyon
  8. Crocus
  9. Jefferson Circus Songs
  10. Joy Street
  11. Pinball
  12. El doctor
  13. Visitation
  14. Black Christmas (2019)
  15. It Takes A Lunatic
  16. Naissance des pieuvres (Water Lilies)
  17. Cats
  18. The Two Popes
  19. Uncut Gems
  20. A Hidden Life
  21. Wild Rose
  22. Halston
  23. Les crevettes pailletées (The Shiny Shrimps)
  24. Bathroom Stalls & Parking Lots
  25. The Last Black Man in San Francisco
  26. Diane (2019)
  27. Adopt a Highway

1880s: 0
1890s: 0
1900s: 0
1910s: 0
1920s: 0
1930s: 0
1940s: 0
1950s: 0
1960s: 0
1970s: 2
1980s: 0
1990s: 1
2000s: 2
2010s: 22

I’m going to write more about a few of these titles in my Favorite Fifteen post later today (Marriage Story, Portrait de la jeune fille en feu (Portrait of a Lady on Fire), A Hidden Life, The Last Black Man in San Francisco), so for this month’s faves, I’m going to focus on a few titles that didn’t quite make my end of the year list, plus a few older titles I saw for the first time that I loved.

Joy Street, 1995 (dir. Suzan Pitt)

A heartbreaking animated short about the devastation of depression, and the power of making through the to the other side.

Naissance des pieuvres (Water Lilies), 2007 (dir. Céline Sciamma)

A beautiful coming of age film that looks at two girls burgeoning sexuality (one straight, one a lesbian), and the difficulties of teenage friendships.

The Two Popes, 2019 (dir. Fernando Meirelles)

A movie that makes you want to believe in the best of humanity.

Uncut Gems, 2019 (dir. Josh & Benny Safdie)

A tense ride from start to finish and one of Adam Sandler’s best performances. The ending really cinched this for me.

Adopt a Highway, 2019 (dir. Logan Marshall-Green)

A great character study and practically one man show from Ethan Hawke (with a brief yet bright moment with Elaine Hendrix halfway through the movie). Hawke is always mesmerizing.

That’s the end of 2019! Bring it on 2020. Look forward to my annual Favorite Fifteen post in a few hours, as well as a recap of the year tomorrow.


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