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Movie Quote of the Day – A Woman Under the Influence, 1974 (dir. John Cassavetes)

Mabel: I always understood you, and you always understood me and that was always just how it was, and that’s it. “Till death do us part,” Nick. You said it. Remember? He said, “Do you, Mabel Mortensen, take this man?” “I do.” “I do,” Nick. “I do.” Remember, I said “It’s gonna work because I’m already pregnant.”
Nick: Don’t let that mind run away on you now.
Mabel: Remember how you laughed?
Nick: Don’t, Mabel.
Mabel: Nick. You laughed.
Nick: Don’t.
Mabel: Don’t you remember? And he was mad as a big toad.
Nick: Don’t do that.
Mabel: Hey, don’t be sad. I know you love me.
Nick: Hey.
Mabel: We had plenty of time to find that out, didn’t we? You and I know. You see that, Nick? That’s how close we are. And they can’t pull us apart. They can’t force us apart. ‘Cause we’re together.
Nick: I don’t know who you are.
Mabel: Don’t say that, honey. I’m not sore at you. I’m not mad or anything.
Nick: Mabel. . .don’t.
Mabel: You sit there and pretend you. . .all of that doesn’t mean. . .and you know. You know. It’s us. You’re going with them out there on the outside.
Nick: Be still.
Mabel: And we’re supposed to be on the inside. We were always there.
Nick: Shut up!
Mabel: You little. . .teeny. . .skinny. . .little. . .bug!

March 2012 in Films: Napoléon, Short Films and Business Trips

I guess I watched less new-to-me films this last March than I have in any one month in over a year. There were several factors in my lack of new-to-me’s this month. For one, I spent a day and a half working on a short film with some classmates. Then I was in North Carolina on business (something related to this blog, which I will post about later) for four days. I also hurt my back, which caused me to lay in a vicodin-induced haze for a few days. Lastly, two of the films I watched last month were over five hours long. YES. Watching Bertolucci’s Novecento took an entire day, as did my epic watching of Kevin Brownlow’s restoration of Abel Gance’s Napoléon at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland last weekend. Oh yes, also, the lovely Kristen Sales of SalesOnFilm was in town for the spectical and we spent the better part of three days either watching Gance’s brilliant film or wandering around San Francisco eating and drinking and taking in the city’s delights. I also continued my re-watching of old favorites. I found in my watching of soooo many new-to-me’s last year that I began to miss watching films that were dear to me. So this year I am trying to balance new-to-me’s with a healthy dose of old favorites. Lastly, I saw some great films (mostly  old favorites, a few new-to-me’s) at the Castro Theatre this month: Manhattan, Welcome To L.A. (n-t-m), Reality Bites, My Own Private Idaho, Freeway (n-t-m),  Shame and Take Shelter. As always, the full list of films is after the cut, plus five highlights.

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