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Movie Quote of the Day – Any Day Now, 2012 (dir. Travis Fine)


Paul: I’m from Walla Walla, Washington.
Rudy: “Walla, Walla, Washington.” Very fun to say.
Paul: When I graduated from college, I took over the family insurance business, I married my sweetheart and everything was perfect, except. . .
Rudy: Let me guess, selling insurance bored you to death, and you secretly longed to meet the drag queen of your dreams? Oh, it’s the oldest story in the book: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy kicks open the closet door and finally meets Mr. Right.

Cinema Fanatic’s Favorite Fifteen Films of 2012

I really loved most of what I saw in 2011 (and actually my favorite film from 2011 I saw in 2012, but I will post more about that tomorrow). As for 2012, a lot of what I saw I felt kind of neutral about and a handful of films I downright hated (which is a rarity for me, really). I’m not sure what it was, but 2012 just didn’t live up to my expectations. That said, I did compile a list of fifteen films that I really loved. I wasn’t able to see Zero Dark Thirty or Amour before the end of the year, which I would have liked to have seen before compiling this list. Alas, they don’t open in San Francisco until after the new year. If you want to see all the 2012 releases I watched, you can do so here.


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