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Movie Quote of the Day – Possessed, 1947 (dir. Curtis Bernhardt)


Louise Howell: Why don’t you love me like that? I’m much nicer than a girder and a lot more interesting.

Movie Quote of the Day – High Wall, 1947 (dir. Curtis Bernhardt)


Dr. Ann Lorrison: What’s the matter, Mr. Kenet? Something seems to be disturbing you. What is it?
Steven Kenet: I don’t know.
Dr. Ann Lorrison: Something bothering you?
Steven Kenet: Could it happen in a single second?
Dr. Ann Lorrison: What, Mr. Kenet?
Steven Kenet: Could you strangle someone in just one second?

From The Warner Archive: Two Italian Sword-And-Sandal Epics

The Warner Archive has just released both Damon and Pythias and Hercules, Samson and Ulysses in newly remastered DVD form. Both films are prime examples of the Italian Sword-and-Sandal genre that was prominent in that country’s film industry in the late-1950s, early-1960s (just before the Spaghetti Western took over). Basically, take all of your favorite characters from ancient Biblical and Greek/Roman times, put them in a blender together and what you get is these ridiculous(ly great) films that do not care if these people could ever really have shared the same space. That is not the point. Just go with it and you will enjoy it, I swear.

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