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Movie Quote of the Day – Shockproof, 1949 (dir. Douglas Sirk)


Jenny Marsh: Maybe I’m no good, but I do love you.

Movie Quote of the Day – All That Heaven Allows, 1955 (dir. Douglas Sirk)


Kay Scott: It’s about time you wore something besides that old black velvet.
Cary Scott: Is it?
Kay Scott: Of course. Personally, I’ve never subscribed to that old Egyptian custom. At least I think it was Egypt.
Cary Scott: What Egyptian custom?
Kay Scott: Of walling up the widow alive in the funeral chamber of her dead husband along with his other possessions. The theory being that she was a possession too. She was supposed to journey into death with him. The community saw to it that she did. Of course it doesn’t happen anymore.
Cary Scott: Doesn’t it? Well, perhaps not in Egypt.

Movie Quote of the Day – Written on the Wind, 1956 (dir. Douglas Sirk)

Kyle Hadley: You’re a filthy liar.
Marylee Hadley: I’m filthy – period!

Movie Quote of the Day – Magnificent Obsession, 1954 (dir. Douglas Sirk)

Dr. Bob Merrick: Starting tomorrow, we’ll never be apart.
Helen Phillips: Tomorrow, tomorrow, oh tomorrow.