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Movie Quote of the Day – Shack Out On 101, 1955 (dir. Edward Dein)


George: Aww what’s the use. It’s all a bunch of slop
Eddie: You’re just finding that out? Life’s 99% walking through slop – to get to the roses!
George: I’ll buy that, but when do I get to smell them?!

Movie Quote of the Day – La Pointe-Courte, 1955 (dir. Agnès Varda)


Elle: Everything would have been easier for us if I’d been born next door to you.
Lui: Too much! I wouldn’t have loved you if you were just like me. The resemblance must come little by little.

Movie Quote of the Day – Queen Bee, 1955 (dir. Ranald MacDougall)


Carol: What are you talking about?
Eva: I’m talking about men. I know men, and I know Jud.
Carol: You know your men.
Eva: Any man’s my man, if I want it that way.

Movie Quote of the Day – East of Eden, 1955 (dir. Elia Kazan)


Cal: I took Aron there tonight because I was jealous. I’ve been jealous all my life. Jealous, I couldn’t even stand it. Tonight, I even tried to buy your love. But now I don’t want it anymore. I can’t use it anymore.
Abra: Don’t talk to your father like that.
Cal: I don’t want any kind of love anymore. It doesn’t pay off. No future in it.

Movie Quote of the Day – Killer’s Kiss, 1955 (dir. Stanley Kubrick)


Vincent Rapallo: If only you could know how low and worthless I feel.
Gloria Price: I didn’t even know you had any feelings.

Movie Quote of the Day – Mr. Arkadin, 1955 (dir. Orson Welles)


Mily: You know, you’re kind of cute in a weird sort of a way. After a person gets over being scared of you. Why’d you grow that awful beard?
Gregory Arkadin: To scare people with.

Movie Quote of the Day – All That Heaven Allows, 1955 (dir. Douglas Sirk)


Kay Scott: It’s about time you wore something besides that old black velvet.
Cary Scott: Is it?
Kay Scott: Of course. Personally, I’ve never subscribed to that old Egyptian custom. At least I think it was Egypt.
Cary Scott: What Egyptian custom?
Kay Scott: Of walling up the widow alive in the funeral chamber of her dead husband along with his other possessions. The theory being that she was a possession too. She was supposed to journey into death with him. The community saw to it that she did. Of course it doesn’t happen anymore.
Cary Scott: Doesn’t it? Well, perhaps not in Egypt.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Big Knife, 1955 (dir. Robert Aldrich)

Dixie Evans: I don’t care if I do see a snake. I’m sure I’d much rather see a snake than a Hollywood producer.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Night of the Hunter, 1955 (dir. Charles Laughton)

Rev. Harry Powell: There’s too many of them. I can’t kill the world.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Seven Year Itch, 1955 (dir. Billy Wilder)

Richard Sherman: Face it, no pretty girl wants me, she wants Gregory Peck.
The Girl: Is that so? How do you know what a pretty girl wants?
Richard Sherman: I don’t know, but I imagine–
The Girl: Your imagination! You think every girl’s a dope. You think a girl goes to a party and there’s some guy, a great big lunk, in a fancy striped vest strutting around like a tiger, giving you that I’m-so-handsome-you-can’t-resist-me look. And from this she’s supposed to fall flat on her face. Well, she doesn’t fall on her face. But there’s another guy in the room, over in the corner. Maybe he’s nervous and shy and perspiring a little. First, you look past him. But then you sense that he’s gentle and kind and worried. That he’ll be tender with you, nice and sweet. That’s what’s really exciting.