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Movie Quote of the Day – Earth Girls Are Easy, 1988 (dir. Julien Temple)

Mac: What is is sex?
Valerie: Sex? You know, making love. A man and a woman like each other and they take their clothes off. . .
Mac: Okay.
Valerie: No. No. No. We can’t because me and Ted are. . .well I guess we’re not. But I mean, we can’t because you’re an alien and I’m from the Valley and we may not even be, you know, anatomically corrector for each other. That could be a real problem [Mac’s pants unzip] No problem. But I mean, no, no, no. It just wouldn’t work. I mean you’re from out of town. The phone bills would just be hell.
Mac: Shh. . .
Valerie: I didn’t want you to think Earth girls were easy.
Mac: What is “easy”?
Valerie: This is “easy”.