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Movie Quote of the Day – Strange Illusion, 1945 (dir. Edgar G. Ulmer)


George: Nice girls aren’t supposed to take jewelry from strange men.
Dorothy: He’s not a strange man.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Black Cat, 1934 (dir. Edgar G. Ulmer)


Hjalmar Poelzig: Did you get the hotel?
Peter Alison: No, the phone is dead.
Hjalmar Poelzig: Do you hear that, Vitus? The phone is dead. Even the phone is dead.

Movie Quote of the Day – Ruthless, 1947 (dir. Edgar G. Ulmer)


Horace Woodruff Vendig: When a man is ambitious for the kind of success that I used to dream about, it’s inevitable that a lot of people are going to be hurt. He doesn’t know that. He’s too busy fighting. Then he reaches the top, whatever the top may be for him. Then he has a chance to stop, think. That’s when the pain of all those people  comes back to you. He starts to feel. That’s when he starts to be a little afraid.

Movie Quote of the Day – Detour, 1945 (dir. Edgar G. Ulmer)

Vera: That’’s the greatest cock-and-bull story I ever heard. So he fell out of his car? Say, who do you think you’’re talking to? A hick? Listen mister, I’’ve been around, and I know a wrong guy when I see one. What did you do? Kiss him with a wrench?