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Movie Quote of the Day – The Portrait of a Lady, 1996 (dir. Jane Campion)


Mr. Touchett: You’re in love with her, then? I should think you would be. It’s as if she came over on purpose.
Ralph Touchett: No, I’m not in love with her, but I should be, if certain things were different.
Mr. Touchett: Things are always different from what they might be.

Movie Quote of the Day – Washington Square, 1997 (dir. Agnieszka Holland)


Morris Townsend: For God’s Sake! What do you think I am? I’m not good enough for you! Not nearly good enough! What do you want me to do?
Catherine Sloper: I want you to love me.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Heiress, 1949 (dir. William Wyler)

Morris Townsend: He doesn’t like me.  He doesn’t like me at all.
Catherine Sloper: I don’t see how you know.
Morris Townsend: I feel. I’m very quick to feel.