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Movie Quote of the Day – T-Men, 1947 (dir. Anthony Mann)


The Schemer: By the way, how did you find me?
Dennis O’Brien: I could smell ya.

Movie Quote of The Day – He Walked by Night, 1948 (dir. Alfred L. Werker)


Police Capt. Breen: Anyone else?
Liquor Store Proprietor #1: That looks like him, only a little madder.
Liquor Store Proprietor #2: He had a patch over one eye when he come into my dive, er, place of business.

Movie Quote of the Day – Railroaded!, 1947 (dir. Anthony Mann)


Duke: Hey look, until we’re out of this jam, I want  you to lay off that bottle. You gotta use your head.
Clara: I got sense enough to know that.

Movie Quote of the Day – Raw Deal, 1948 (dir. Anthony Mann)


Joseph Emmett Sullivan: Next time you come up, don’t wear that perfume.
Ann Martin: Why not?
Joseph Emmett Sullivan: It doesn’t help a guy’s good behavior.