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Movie Quote of the Day – Décalage Horaire (Jet Lag), 2002 (dir. Danièle Thompson)


Rose: We’re total strangers you and me. No reason to hold back. Look, what I think of you is of no importance to you and what you think of me, well, to be honest doesn’t mean shit. So, go right ahead, ask me all the questions for which you are burning to have answers.

Movie Quote of the Day – Elles, 2012 (dir. Malgorzata Szumowska)


Anne: Could you share it with anyone?
Charlotte: No, I didn’t tell anyone.
Anne: Doesn’t that make you feel a little lonely?
Charlotte: Not really because. . .we’re all alone, aren’t we?

Movie Quote of the Day – Cosmopolis, 2012 (dir. David Cronenberg)


Eric Packer: I remember what you told me once.
Didi Fancher: What’s that?
Eric Packer: Talent is more erotic when it’s wasted.
Didi Fancher: What did I mean?

Movie Quote of the Day – Trois Couleurs: Bleu, 1993 (dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski)


Julie Vignon-de Courcy: You know, I was happy before. I loved them, and they loved me. Mother, are you listening?
Madame Vignon: Yes, Marie-France.
Julie Vignon-de Courcy: Now I have just one thing left to do:  nothing. I want no possessions, no memories. . .no friends, no lovers. . .they’re all traps.

Movie Quote of the Day – Copie conforme, 2011 (dir. Abbas Kiarostami)

Elle: Look at your wife, who has made herself pretty today. Look. Open your eyes.

Movie Quote of the Day – Chocolat, 2000 (dir. Lasse Hallström)

Roux: I should probably warn ya: you make friends with us, you make enemies with everyone else.
Vianne Rocher: Is that a promise?
Roux: It’s a guarantee.

Oscar Vault Monday – Chocolat, 2000 (dir. Lasse Hallström)

I really love this movie. When I first saw it in theaters I was with my mother and afterwards all we wanted to do was eat good chocolate. In recent year, I’ve noticed a tendency in film bloggers to complain about this movie for being nominated for Best Picture. They use it as a way of showing that a “mediocre” film can get nominated for the top prize with a great campaign and/or if it’s backed by the Weinsteins. I think this is a completely unfair and narrow view of the film. I would in no way call this a “mediocre” film, for one. Also, it’s a film that was both critically acclaimed and loved by audiences. Isn’t that the kind of film we always wish the Academy would nominate? You can’t complain about the Academy being too pretentious with one breath and then bash this perfectly lovely film with another. This film was nominated for five Academy Awards – Best Actress Juliette Binoche, Best Supporting Actress Judi Dench, Best Score, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture; it didn’t win a single award. It was up against Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Erin Brockovich, Traffic and winner Gladiator. 2000 was actually one of my favorite years for Best Picture nominees (behind 1997, which is maybe my favorite year) as I love every single film that was nominated for the top prize.

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Movie Quote of the Day – The English Patient, 1996 (dir. Anthony Minghella)

Hana: [reading] Betrayals in war are childlike compared with our betrayals during peace. New lovers are nervous and tender but smash everything, for the heart is an organ of fire.
Hana: For the heart is an organ of fire. l love that. l believe that.