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Movie Quote of the Day – A Dangerous Method, 2011 (dir. David Cronenberg)


Carl Jung: On the subject of monogamy, for example, why should we put so much frantic effort into suppressing our most basic natural instincts?
Sabina Spielrein: I don’t know. You tell me.

Movie Quote of the Day – Cosmopolis, 2012 (dir. David Cronenberg)


Eric Packer: I remember what you told me once.
Didi Fancher: What’s that?
Eric Packer: Talent is more erotic when it’s wasted.
Didi Fancher: What did I mean?

Movie Quote of the Day – A History of Violence, 2005 (dir. David Cronenberg)

Richie Cusack: Jesus, Joey.
Tom Stall: Jesus, Richie.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Dead Zone, 1983 (dir. David Cronenberg)

Johnny Smith: I keep thinking about a line from a book, it’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” the last thing I gave my class to read before. . .the accident. Ichabod Crane disappears. . .the line goes: “As he was a bachelor, and in nobody’s debt, nobody troubled their head about him anymore.”
Sarah Bracknell: Is that what you’re afraid of?
Johnny Smith: It’s what I want.

Movie Quote of the Day – Videodrome, 1983 (dir. David Cronenberg)

Barry Convex: Death to Videodrome. Long live the new flesh.
Max Renn: Death to Videodrome. Long live the new flesh.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Fly, 1986 (dir. David Cronenberg)

Tawny: [after Seth says it’s Tawny’s turn to teleport] I’m afraid.
Seth Brundle: Don’t be afraid.
Ronnie: No. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Trailer For David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method”

This looks fantastic. A Dangerous Method is definitely one of my most anticipated films for 2011.

You can watch that trailer here. The film is still awaiting a release date.

Sony Pictures Classics Acquires Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method”

This film will mark director David Cronenberg’s third collaboration with Viggo Mortensen (A History of Violence, Eastern Promises). Added to the mix are Keira Knightley, Vincent Cassel and up-and-coming actor du jour Michael Fassbender. I absolutely cannot wait for this film. A Dangerous Method does not currently have a release date, though it is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival this fall. Press release after the cut.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Eastern Promises, 2007 (dir. David Cronenberg)

Nikolai Luzhin: Okay. Now I’m going to do his teeth and cut off his fingers. You might want to leave room.