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Movie Quote of the Day – Shack Out On 101, 1955 (dir. Edward Dein)


George: Aww what’s the use. It’s all a bunch of slop
Eddie: You’re just finding that out? Life’s 99% walking through slop – to get to the roses!
George: I’ll buy that, but when do I get to smell them?!

From The Warner Archive: Battle Circus, 1953 (dir. Richard Brooks)

This newly remastered  release of Battle Circus, an early film from director Richard Brooks, is a must for fans of Bogart and as well as those who love Robert Altman’s 1970 Best Picture nominee M*A*S*H. The Korean War still had another few months before it was officially over when this film was first released and actual footage from the war is featured in it. The title comes from a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit’s ability to pick up and move itself and its surgical tents as swiftly as a traditional circus. Much like Altman’s later film, it also features the interconnectivity of the personal lives of the nurses, doctors and soldiers alike.

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