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Movie Quote of the Day – The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, 1946 (dir. Lewis Milestone)


Walter O’Neil: I wasn’t going to shoot.
Sam Masterson: I wasn’t going to wait and see.

Movie Quote of the Day – Two Weeks in Another Town, 1962 (dir. Vincente Minnelli)


Jack Andrus: What’s your name?
Veronica: Veronica.
Jack Andrus: Veronica what?
Veronica: Veronica Whats the difference?

Movie Quote of the Day – The Arrangement, 1969 (dir. Elia Kazan)


Gwen: OK, yes, I know, I’m nothing, I never was, but you! You could have been…
Eddie Anderson: What? What?!
Gwen: . . .What you could have been. . .What happened to you, Eddie? Must kill you to think what you might have been.

Movie Quote of the Day – Paths of Glory, 1957 (dir. Stanley Kubrick)

Maj. Gen. George Broulard: Aside from the inescapable fact that many of your men never left the trenches, there’s the troops’ morale, don’t forget.
Col. Dax: The troops’ morale?
Maj. Gen. George Broulard: Certainly. These executions will be a perfect tonic for the entire division. There are few things more fundamentally encouraging and stimulating than seeing someone else die.
Col. Dax: Well, I never thought of that, sir.