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A Year With Women: March 2015 in Films

March was an interesting month. I didn’t see very many films on the big screen directed by women, but I did see quite a few films on the big screen! That is, because of the TCM Classic Film Festival, I took a bit of a moratorium from A Year With Women. I go to TCMFF every year and I just couldn’t skip it. That said, this month’s favorites will include a least one film not written or directed by a woman. I also managed to watch quite a few films that I didn’t really care for (one that I loved so much it’s ridiculous!) As always, a full list of the films I watched in March can be found after the cut.


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Movie Quote of the Day – La Pointe-Courte, 1955 (dir. Agnès Varda)


Elle: Everything would have been easier for us if I’d been born next door to you.
Lui: Too much! I wouldn’t have loved you if you were just like me. The resemblance must come little by little.