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Movie Quote of the Day – My Favorite Year, 1982 (dir. Richard Benjamin)

Alan Swann: Live? Live? What does ‘live’ mean?
Benjy Stone: It means at the exact moment you’re cavorting and leaping around that stage over there, twenty million people are seeing it.
Alan Swann: Wait a minute. Wait. . .a . . .minute.
Benjy Stone: Mr. Swann, you’re white.
Alan Swann: You mean it all goes into the camera lens and then just spills out into people’s houses?!
Benjy Stone: Yeah.
Alan Swann: Why has nobody had the goodness to explain this to me before?
Benjy Stone: It’s nothing to worry about, Mr. Swann. Our audiences are great.
Alan Swann: Audience? What audience?
Benjy Stone: You knew there was an audience. What did you think those seats were for?
Alan Swann: I haven’t performed in front of an audience for twenty-eight years! [nervous laughter] Audience. I played a butler. I HAD ONE LINE! [beat] I forgot it.
Benjy Stone: Don’t worry. This is going to be easy.
Alan Swann: For you maybe. I’m not an actor, I’m a movie star!