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August 2019 in Films

I almost made it to an average of a film a day in August. I got a little behind because the fourth season of Cable Girls dropped (it was WILD) and I started to watch a new Spanish show called 45 RPM (so far it’s great!), but I think my average for August was pretty damn good. I want to give a big shout out to KJ Relth at the UCLA Film and Television Archive for really making my summer something special with her amazing programming of female directors at the Billy Wilder Theatre. So grateful to see these thrilling films all summer, and especially to see a few of them introduced by their directors (Nina Menkes, Mary Lambert, Penelope Spheeris). As always, you can find everything I watched after the cut plus a few of my faves.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Pet Sematary, 1989 (dir. Mary Lambert)


Jud Crandall: Women are supposed to be the ones who are good at keeping secrets, but any woman who knows anything at all would tell you she’s never seen into a man’s heart. The soil of a man’s heart is stonier, Louis. . .like the soil up there in the old Micmac burying ground.