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Movie Quote of the Day – Le week-end, 2014 (dir. Roger Michell)


Meg: You always did edit out the arguments and the misery.
Nick: You can’t not love and hate the same person — usually within the space of five minutes in my experience.

Movie Quote of the Day – Notting Hill, 1999 (dir. Roger Michell)

Spike: Hey, you couldn’t help me with an incredibly important decision, could you?
William: This is important in comparison to, let’s say, whether they should cancel third world debt?
Spike: That’s right. . .I’m at last going out on a date with the great Janine and I just want to be sure I’ve picked the right t-shirt.
William: What are the choices?
Spike: Well. . .wait for it. . .first there’s this one. . .Cool, huh?
William: Yes. . .might make it hard to strike a really romantic note.
Spike: Point taken. Don’t despair! If it’s romance we’re looking for, I believe I have just the thing!
William: Well, there again, she might not think you have true love on your mind.
Spike: Right.  Just one more. [beat] True love, here I come!
William: Well, yeah, that’s, that’s perfect.
Spike: Thanks. Great. Wish me luck.
William: Good luck.

Movie Quote of the Day – Venus, 2006 (dir. Roger Michell)

Maurice: I am about to die and I know nothing about myself.
Ian: You have been loved, though, Maurice. You’ve been adored.
Maurice: Yes. And so have you, Ian, a little bit. Except you didn’t always notice it.