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Movie Quote of the Day – Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, 2004 (dir. Beeban Kidron)


Bridget Jones: I’m enjoying a relationship with two men simultaneously. The first called Ben, the other Jerry.

Female Filmmaker Friday: Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2001 (dir. Sharon Maguire)

It’s Friday, so it’s time for another edition of Female Filmmaker Friday. Next week I might not post one because of TCMFF, but I think you guys can handle that. This week I’m going to talk about one of my all-time favorite films. There’s a lot to say about Bridget Jones’s Diary and I’m definitely not going to hit all the points; instead I’m just going to write about the aspects and scenes that have stuck with me over the years. I’ve seen this film a million times since it came out in theaters (it was one of the very first DVDs I ever owned) and I’ve also read the book(s). As much as I enjoyed them, this film is my favorite interpretation of the iconic Ms. Jones.



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Movie Quote of the Day – The Girl in the Café, 2005 (dir. David Yates)


Gina: Scary.
Lawrence: Yes, but don’t worry. Some of the dullest people in the world are in this room. There are gold medalists in the Boredom Olympics here. Anything you say will be more interesting than anything they’ve ever said.

Movie Quote of the Day – Notting Hill, 1999 (dir. Roger Michell)

Spike: Hey, you couldn’t help me with an incredibly important decision, could you?
William: This is important in comparison to, let’s say, whether they should cancel third world debt?
Spike: That’s right. . .I’m at last going out on a date with the great Janine and I just want to be sure I’ve picked the right t-shirt.
William: What are the choices?
Spike: Well. . .wait for it. . .first there’s this one. . .Cool, huh?
William: Yes. . .might make it hard to strike a really romantic note.
Spike: Point taken. Don’t despair! If it’s romance we’re looking for, I believe I have just the thing!
William: Well, there again, she might not think you have true love on your mind.
Spike: Right.  Just one more. [beat] True love, here I come!
William: Well, yeah, that’s, that’s perfect.
Spike: Thanks. Great. Wish me luck.
William: Good luck.

Movie Quote of the Day – Pirate Radio, 2009 (dir. Richard Curtis)

Quentin: So. . .expelled?
‘Young’ Carl: That’s right.
Quentin: What for?
‘Young’ Carl: I suppose smoking was the clincher.
Quentin: Drugs or cigarettes?
‘Young’ Carl: Well, both.
Quentin: Well done! Proud of you. So your mum sent you here in the hope that a little bracing sea air would sort you out?
‘Young’ Carl: Something like that.
Quentin: Spectacular mistake.

Movie Quote of the Day – Love, Actually, 2003 (dir. Richard Curtis)

Jamie: [in English] It’s my favorite time of day, driving you.
Aurelia: [in Portuguese] It’s the saddest part of my day, leaving you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2001 (dir. Sharon Maguire)

Bridget: Where the fuck’s the fucking tuna? [beat] This is Bridget Jones, for Sit Up Britain, searching for tuna.

Movie Quote of the Day – Four Weddings and a Funeral, 1994 (dir. Mike Newell)

Scarlett: They say rubber’s mainly for perverts. Don’t know why. Think it’s very practical, actually. I mean, you spill anything on it and it just comes off. I suppose that could be why the perverts like it.

(500) Days of Summer and 9 Other Great Films the Academy Completely Ignored This Decade

I was really shocked that (500) Days of Summer was completely ignored by the Academy this year. It was on several critic’s top ten lists. It had won several critic awards for its screenplay. I really thought, at the very least, it would get nods for Original Screenplay and Editing (hello, that Expectations vs. Reality scene was fucking awesome). I even had it on my predictions for Best Picture.

Alas, this was not the case and was probably, for me, the biggest disappoint of Tuesday’s announcements. However, this is not the first time an amazing piece of cinema has gone completely un-lauded by the Academy. I’ve picked one film from each year of this past decade that also has zero Oscar nominations to its name.

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