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Movie Quote of the Day – Antz, 1998 (dir. Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson)


Bala: Why are you stalking me? Don’t you realize that I’m out of your league?
Z: You’re the one who was cruising the worker bar looking for a little action. And you just happened to find it. . .the swarthy, earthy, sensual worker.
Bala: Please. I was slumming it. Don’t you get it? I chose you because you were the most pathetic little bug in the joint.
Z: I was gonna let you become part of my most erotic fantasies. But now, you can forget that.

Movie Quote of the Day – Basic Instinct, 1992 (dir. Paul Verhoeven)


Assistant District Attorney John Correli: There’s no smoking in this building.
Catherine Tramell: What are you gonna do? Charge me with smoking?