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Movie Quote of the Day – Swimming To Cambodia, 1987 (dir. Jonathan Demme)


Spalding Gray: I got in the car for the final ride to the airport. And as I was leaving I felt like I was going to the gallows. I couldn’t believe it. Why was I doing this? Why did I feel so inflated? I’d been there eight weeks and I’d worked eight days. Was waiting that difficult? I felt all puffed up, but on the way I thought, “My God, I will never see a little piece of Heaven like this again. This is the end.” And as I was riding, I said a silent benediction. A silent farewell to all that I had and would miss. Farewell, to the fantastic breakfasts, free every morning – you walk down and there they are waiting on you with the papaya, mango, and pineapple like I’d never tasted before. Farewell, to the Thai maids with the king-sized cotton sheets and the big king-sized beds. Farewell, to lunches, fresh meat flown in from America, daily. Roast potatoes, green beans and roast lamb, at 110 degrees under a circus tent, according to British Equity. Farewell to the drivers with the tinted glasses and the Mercedes with the tinted windows. Farewell to the cakes, teas and ices every day exactly at four o’clock. Farewell to those beautiful smiling people. Farewell to that single, fresh rose in a vase on my bureau in the hotel every day. And just as I was climbing into that first-class seat, and wrapping myself in a blanket, just as I was adjusting the pillow behind my head, and having a sip of that champagne, and just as I was adjusting and bringing down my Thai purple sleep mask. . .I had an inkling, I had a flash. . .I suddenly thought I knew what it was that had killed Marilyn Monroe.

June 2012 in Films: Birthdays and Jobs and Movies Galore

So June had a lot of changes. Firstly, I started a new job – well, two new jobs actually. Or, they’re the same job but at two locations. Haha. What I mean is, I’m working at the Clay and Lumiere Theatres in San Francisco. Basically, I get paid to sell people movie tickets and not to burn popcorn. I also get to see movies for free, though so far I haven’t had much time to do that. I also (finally) connected my Blu-ray player to the internet so I can stream Instant Netflix to it, which has aided in my watching of films quickly before heading off to work. Lastly, there were birthdays. Movie Quote of the Day celebrated its 2nd birthday and I celebrated my 26th birthday. I am an old lady now. Due to all this excitement, my film watching time lowered a bit and although I did maintain slightly more than one new-to-me a day, I didn’t quite manage to do two a day. As always, the full list is after the cut.

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