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Movie Quote of the Day – Los insólitos peces gato (The Amazing Catfish), 2014 (dir. Claudia Sainte-Luce)


Alejandra: If I could I would change my personality, my ideas. . .
Claudia: If I could I would change my face. . .my family. . . I would change my whole life.

Women Are Best! June 2014 in Films

Another month where I didn’t manage to watch a movies a day, though I did watch all four season of Louie, in which time I could have probably watched like ten movies. I also had some person problems with my cat, Mr. Rochester, who is doing much better! And I was out-of-town for four days for a wedding. That said, I watched quite a few great films this past month. I wish I had the energy to write about them all! As always, after the cut is a list of all the films I watched and a few highlights. Oh, and yesterday was my birthday!


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