Woody Allen Blogathon

Woody Allen’s newest feature Midnight In Paris opens in the United States on May 20th, 2011. To celebrate this I’ve started writing about his filmography (having recently finished watching all of his films). You can read the first post here, there are three more to come before the 20th. But on that day I’d also like to do a blogathon, wherein everyone contributes something. It could be on your favorite Allen film, your least favorite, a scene, an actor, anything in relation to Woody Allen and his films. If you’re interested in participating, use one of the graphics below (or make your own!) and post it to your blog with a link back to this post and on the day of I will gather them all together! Your post doesn’t have to be written on the day of the blogathon, just be sure to send me the post before that day, so I can link them all. You can send your links to here: maryag7[at]gmail.com 

I look forward to your contributions!

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  1. Just watched a pair of Allen films this weekend in preparation for my upcoming podcast project with Simon Columb! Saw SWEET & LOWDOWN and HANNAH & HER SISTERS for the first time (and loved both of ’em).

    Kudos on getting through Woody’s extensive filmogrophy!

    • Sweet and Lowdown was one of the first Allen films I ever saw. Hannah and Her Sisters may well by my favorite of his films. I did an OVM on that film a few weeks back. positively brilliant.

  2. Cannot wait to participate in the Woody Allen Blogathon! The Kitty Packard Pictorial is SO in on this– the man is brilliant and one of my absolute favorite directors. Ever.

  3. oooh, if i can get my hands on a copy of the purple rose of cairo, i might blog about it, otherwise i’d love to just kick back and read all of your fab posts!

  4. I think I would be interested in writing about his muses….. going to be fun!

    • oh please do! I think since I’m doing a whole series on his films before the blogathon, my post for the blogathon is going to be on his use of jazz and the Great America Songbook in his films. (that and the rankings list Juan and I are working on!) can’t wait.

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