And Thus Begins The Woody Allen Blogathon!

This is where I will gather all the links for the blogathon. Some of these pieces were written in the past week or so, but if you’ve written something just today don’t be afraid to share it, too. I will be updating this post with links in the morning before I go to work and throughout the afternoon/evening when I get home.

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  1. kittypackard

    Mine will be up later this afternoon!! Can’t wait to read through all these links!

  2. I have one last post to contribute: an appreciation of the “I’m into leather” joke in Annie Hall.

    Thanks a lot for hosting this! I can’t wait to take a look at everyone else’s pieces!

  3. Pictures&Noise

    I’ve written a contribution!

    Getting Away With Murder: Crimes & Misdemeanors and Match Point

    Great idea and thanks for hosting such a fantastic little event!

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