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Movie Quote of the Day – The Master, 2012 (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)


Lancaster Dodd: There’s nothing I can do for you, if your mind has been made up. You seem to know the answers to your questions, why do you ask?
John More: I’m sorry you’re unwilling to defend your beliefs in any kind of rational. . .
Lancaster Dodd: If, if you, if you, if you already know the answers to your questions, then why ask PIG FUCK? We are not helpless. And we are on a journey that risks the dark. If you don’t mind, a good night to you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Light Sleeper, 1992 (dir. Paul Schrader)


Ann: Well, that took you long enough. What’d you do, douche while you were at it?
John: Ann, you’ve got some mouth on ya.
Ann: You don’t wanna know where it’s been.

Movie Quote of the Day – Dirty Girl, 2011 (dir. Abe Sylvia)


Danielle: Name?
Clarke: I don’t know.
Danielle: How about “Joan”, like Joan Jett.
Clarke: Or Crawford. That’s nice.

Movie Quote of the Day – 27 Dresses, 2008 (dir. Anne Fletcher)


Jane: George appreciates me.
Casey: What good is it being appreciated if no one is naked?

Movie Quote of the Day – Dying Young, 1991 (dir. Joel Schumacher)


Victor Geddes: My mother said, “You don’t have to like everything, but you have to try everything.”
Hilary O’Neil: Oh, my mother always said, “Pass the Velveeta.”

Movie Quote of the Day – Racing With The Moon, 1984 (dir. Richard Benjamin)


Henry ‘Hopper’ Nash: In the last few weeks, being around you I think about things.
Caddie Winger: Like what sort of things?
Henry ‘Hopper’ Nash: Coming back.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Bride Came C.O.D., 1941 (dir. William Keighley)


Steve Collins: But, you can’t marry this man you’ve known only four days. You’ve known head waiters longer.

Movie Quote of the Day – Baby Face, 1933 (dir. Alfred E. Green)


Courtland Trenholm:  You also told us how hard you had to work. When this thing happened, were you working very hard?
Lily Powers: Yeah, but not at the bank.
Courtland Trenholm: Oh, I see.

Movie Quote of the Day – Iris, 2001 (dir. Richard Eyre)


John: You love words, don’t you?
Iris: If one doesn’t have words, how does one think?

Movie Quote of the Day – Smultronstället (Wild Strawberries), 1957 (dir. Ingmar Bergman)


Professor Isak Borg: What is the punishment?
Sten Alman: I don’t know. The usual, I suppose.
Professor Isak Borg: The usual?
Sten Alman: That’s right. Loneliness.
Professor Isak Borg: Loneliness?
Sten Alman: Precisely.
Professor Isak Borg: Is there no mercy?
Sten Alman: Don’t ask me. I don’t know.