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Movie Quote of the Day – Irma la Douce, 1963 (dir. Billy Wilder)


Irma La Douce: A painter once lived here. Poor guy, he was starving. Tried everything, even cut his ear off.
Nestor Patou: Van Gogh?
Irma La Douce: No, I think his name was Schwartz.

Movie Quote of the Day – Spy Game, 2001 (dir. Tony Scott)


Nathan Muir: You just gave her four pieces of personal information for one dubious impersonal fact.
Tom Bishop: Just trying to find out where she got that dress.

Movie Quote of the Day – Philomena, 2013 (dir. Stephen Frears)


Philomena: You should be nice to the people on the way up, because you might meet them again on the way down.

Movie Quote of the Day – Faces, 1968 (dir. John Cassavetes)


Richard Forst: Jeannie, do me a favor. Don’t be silly anymore. Just be yourself.
Jeannie: But I am myself. Who else would I be?
Richard Forst: I’m serious.
Jeannie: Definition of serious: Blah blah blah blah.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Impossible, 2012 (dir. J.A. Bayona)


Maria: Lucas, look at this place. They’re so busy in here. You’ve got to go and do something. Go help people. You’re good at it.


Movie Quote of the Day – That Darn Cat, 1997 (dir. Bob Spiers)


Judy Randall: Honey, why do you always wear black?
Patti Randall: Because it matches my soul.


A Little Help From My Friends

This post originated on my Tumblr, but I thought I would branch out and ask my subscribers for some help as well.

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 6.35.24 PM

First post 6/14:

Hi guys, Mr. Rochester, my cat, is doing better. I just talked to the vet and they said he was eating and doing much better with fluids. I still don’t know when he can come home.

I’m going out of town for a wedding on Thursday, so regardless I have to board him with the vet for a few days next week because they’ll have to continue his treatment.

It’s all really expensive and eating away at my savings account. Anything you can spare – even $5 – would really help me and my kitty.


p.s. you can also donate funds to my Paypal account (

UPDATE 6/15:

I just got off the phone with my vet. Mr. Rochester is doing much better. He’s eating and his levels are all going down.

He has to stay at least one more night with I.V. fluids before he can come home (though I have to board him again with the vet when I go out of town so he can get all his medicine while I’m gone).

His red blood cells are a little off, but they’re giving him some medicine for that.

His kidneys are going to be deficient from here on out and I will have to change his diet and be extremely careful and watchful, but the vet told me multiple times that this does not mean he’s going to leave me anytime soon and that many cats with deficient kidneys live for a long time.

I’m still a crying mess. My apartment is so quiet without his meowing.

This is all going to cost a lot, not just for the treatment right now and his boarding next weekend, but for continual monitoring, so anything you can spare right now is more than helpful:

UPDATE 6/16: 

I still haven’t heard when he can come home and it looks like he may have to stay at the hospital until Sunday at this rate. Which is going to cost A LOT. So really, anything helps because it all adds up to a whole lot:

Movie Quote of the Day – Nora, 2000 (dir. Pat Murphy)


James Joyce: Why?
Nora Barnacle: Why what?
James Joyce: Why is it alright for you to touch me and I can’t touch you?
Nora Barnacle: Because I’m better at it than you are.

Movie Quote of the Day – I Never Sang for My Father, 1970 (dir. Gilbert Cates)


Tom: I appreciate your concern. . .but I’m perfectly able to carry on
by myself. As I said, with Gene’s help from time to time. I imagine we could have dinner once in a while, couldn’t we, Gene? Once or twice a week? Take you up to Rotary. Some of the speakers are amusing.
Gene: Sure, Dad.
Tom: Give us time to get together at last, a chance to know each other.
Alice: Gene wants to get married.
Gene: Alice.
Tom: What?
Alice: Gene wants to move to California and get married.
Gene: Alice, will you shut up?
Alice: I can’t help it. You’ve never faced up to him. Let him ruin your life.
Gene: I can handle my own life!
Alice: You can’t.
Tom: Children. Children.mI don’t want to interfere with either of your lives. I took of myself at 8, I can take care of myself at 80. I’ve never wanted to be a burden to my children.
Gene: I’m gonna hang around, Dad.
Tom: There’s no need to.
Gene: I’ll move in until you start feeling better.
Tom: I don’t want to ruin your life.
Gene: I didn’t say that.
Tom: I’ve long had the impression that my only function in this family was to supply the money…
Gene: Dad.
Tom: To supply funds for your education.
Gene: Dad, will you stop it!
Tom: As far as I’m concerned, this conversation has ended.

Movie Quote of the Day – Ruby Sparks, 2012 (dir. Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris)


Ruby Sparks: You don’t have any friends.
Calvin Weir-Fields: I have you. I don’t need anyone else.
Ruby Sparks: That’s a lot of pressure.