Monthly Archives: April 2015

Movie Quote of the Day – An Angel At My Table, 1990 (dir. Jane Campion)


Isabel: There’s Africa.
June: That one’s like a. . .like a. . .
Janet: It’s phallic. Everything’s phallic.
June: What’s phallic?
Janet: It’s from phallus. The Latin for penis.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Jane Austen Book Club, 2007 (dir. Robin Swicord)


Grigg Harris: Isn’t physical attraction one of the ungovernable forces? You know, like gravity–that’s what we like about it. Downhill, release the brakes, loosen the grip and then– whoosh!

Movie Quote of the Day – Lovely & Amazing, 2002 (dir. Nicole Holofcener)


Bill: You can’t just run around telling people to fuck off.
Michelle: Oh yeah? Fuck off.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Riot Club, 2015 (dir. Lone Scherfig)


Lauren: [To Alistair] There weren’t any girls at your school, were there?
Milo: Don’t worry, they’re just like us, but cleverer.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Runaways, 2010 (dir. Floria Sigismondi)


Marie Currie: Mom’s gonna kill you. It really looks terrible.
Cherie Currie: Good.

Movie Quote of the Day – Life Partners, 2014 (dir. Susanna Fogel)


Tim: Well, as long as you’ve seen Lebowski.
Paige: Uh, well, I’ve seen the first half of it.
Tim: What? Are you saying you watched the first half of The Big Lebowski, then shut it off?
Paige: I–I feel like you’re treating me as though I just told you that I’m a sex offender.
Tim: Wow. That–I mean, this is so much worse, I have to tell you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Bound, 1996 (dir. Lana & Lilly Wachowski)


Violet: You made certain choices in your life that you paid for. You said you made them because you were good at something and it was easy. Do you think you’re the only one that’s good at something? We make our own choices and we pay our own prices. I think we’re more alike than you want to admit.

Movie Quote of the Day – L!fe Happens, 2012 (dir. Kat Coiro)


Henri: Yeah! I can see you. Child on your hip, born to be a mom.
Deena: And I see you. Mustache on your face, profiled on To Catch a Predator.

Movie Quote of the Day – It Felt Like Love, 2014 (dir. Eliza Hittman)


Sammy: Can I ask you something?
Lila: Sure.
Sammy: Do you want something from me?
Lila: W-what would I want anyways?

Movie Quote of the Day – Eve’s Bayou, 1997 (dir. Kasi Lemmons)


Mozelle Batiste Delacroix: Life is filled with goodbyes, Eve, a million goodbyes, and it hurts every time. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve lost so much, I have to find new things to lose. All I know is, there must be a divine point to it all, and it’s just over my head, that when we die, it will all come clear and we’ll say, “So that was the damn point.” And sometimes, I think there’s no point at all, and maybe that’s the point. All I know is most people’s lives are a great disappointment to them and no one leaves this earth without feeling terrible pain. And if there is no divine explanation at the end of it all, well. . .that’s sad.