Monthly Archives: December 2015

Movie Quote of the Day – Sleeping with Other People, 2015 (dir. Leslye Headland)


Lainey: I guess, I guess I just thought eventually he’d choose me.
Jake: Mmm-hmm.
Lainey: And so I always chose him. When he texted, I’d think of an excuse, I’d lie, I’d get–
Jake: That’s psychotic.
Lainey: Thanks.
Jake: I mean, it’s not your fault. You know. Little girls are told that some day they’re gonna find the one. What they don’t tell you guys is that the one might be a complete fucking dick-head with a boring heroine penis that turns y’all into a sex addict.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Wolfpack, 2015 (dir. Crystal Moselle)


Govinda Angulo: If I didn’t have movies, life would be pretty boring and there wouldn’t be any point to go on, you see? So movies opened up another world.

Movie Quote of the Day – Infinitely Polar Bear, 2015 (dir. Maya Forbes)


Cameron: There’s a semi-private in my apartment building. . .
Maggie: [laughs]
Cameron: What do you say?
Maggie: Oh. My stairwell days are over.
Cameron: You have stairwell days?

Movie Quote of the Day – Arthur Christmas, 2011 (dir. Sarah Smith)


Grandsanta: Don’t worry, son, only a raving lunatic. . .
Arthur: I have to worry! It’s the only thing I’m good at!

Movie Quote of the Day – Nénette et Boni, 1996 (dir. Claire Denis)


La boulangère: Anything else?
Boni: A nice, long French stick.
La boulangère: They’re all the same length.

Movie Quote of the Day – Wasp, 2003 (dir. Andrea Arnold)


Dave: Can you play pool?
Zoë: I used to be alright.
Dave: Still are.

Movie Quote of the Day – Selma, 2014 (dir. Ava DuVernay)


Amelia Boynton: I’ll tell you what I know to be true. It helps me in times when I’m feeling unsure. If you’d like.
Coretta Scott King: Oh, please do, Mrs. Boynton.
Amelia Boynton: I know that we are descendants of a mighty people, who gave civilization to the world. People who survived the hulls of slave ships across vast oceans. People who innovate and create and love despite pressures and tortures unimaginable. They are in our bloodstream. Pumping our hearts every second. They’ve prepared you. You are already prepared.

Movie Quote of the Day – A Very Murray Christmas, 2015 (dir. Sofia Coppola)


Bill Murray: You’re Elliott.
Elliot: How did you know that?
Bill Murray: I’m the ghost of Christmas present. I’m here to warn you.
Elliot: Well, I’m sorry sir, I’m not in the mood.
Bill Murray: For love. The question is, are you in the mood for a lifetime of regret and loneliness?
Elliot: Please go away.

Movie Quote of the Day – Chocolat, 1988 (dir. Claire Denis)


Park: I saw you walking. May I drop you somewhere?
France: No thanks. I’m strolling.
Park:This is Africa! It’s too hot to stroll.

Movie Quote of the Day – India Cabaret, 1985 (dir. Mira Nair)


Mira Nair: Do you feel any shame?
Dancer 1: Why shame? You leave shame behind when you enter this profession.
Dancer 2: When I go out at night, sometimes a customer sees me and says, “Look, there goes that naked dancing girl, that whore.” I say, “Motherfucker, you enjoyed me on stage, and now you say this?” That’s when I feel shame.
Dancer 1: If somebody said that to me, I’d say, “Here’s my address. Come see me tonight.” If we speak of shame, then how would we work? And if we don’t work, the how would we make money? That’s why, in such a place, shame does not exist. If the viewer does not feel shame, why should the viewed?