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Movie Quote of the Day – Charade, 1963 (dir. Stanley Donen)

Peter Joshua: Do we know each other?
Regina Lampert:  Why, do you think we’re going to?
Peter Joshua: I don’t know — how would I know?
Regina Lampert: Because I already know an awful lot of people. Until one of them dies I couldn’t possibly meet anyone else.
Peter Joshua: Hmm, well if anyone goes on the critical list, let me know.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Great Escape, 1963 (dir. John Sturges)

Flight Lt. Colin Blythe: Afraid this tea’s pathetic. Must have used these wretched leaves about twenty times. [beat] It’s not that I mind so much. Tea without milk is so uncivilized.

Oscar Vault Monday – Lilies of the Field, 1963 (dir. Ralph Nelson)

I finally saw this movie a few months ago after being a fan of Sidney Poitier since I was a little girl. I have no idea what took me so long. It is a marvelous film and Poitier gives such a stirring performance. Though he was already on his way to being a huge star in his own right, this film cemented him in the history of cinema and paved the way for countless others while it was at it. It was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning one: Best B&W Cinematography, Best Supporting Actress Lilia Skala, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor Sidney Poitier (won) and Best Picture. It was up against America, America, Cleopatra, How The West Was Won and winner Tom Jones.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Hud, 1963 (dir. Martin Ritt)

Hud Bannon: Nobody gets out of life alive.