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Movie Quote of the Day – The Long, Hot Summer, 1958 (dir. Martin Ritt)


Will Varner: I was young myself once. I used to hide in the greenery and hoot and bellow.
Clara: I’ll bet you did. I’ll bet you stayed longest and yelled loudest.
Will Varner: Your mama listened.

Movie Quote of the Day – Paris Blues, 1961 (dir. Martin Ritt)


Ram Bowen: Is your friend as pretty as you are?
Connie Lampson: Yes. She’s a white girl.
Ram Bowen: Might be hard to find. All these white girls look alike.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Front, 1976 (dir. Martin Ritt)

Howard Prince: Fellas. . .I don’t recognize the right of this committee to ask me these kind of questions. And furthermore, you can all go fuck yourselves.

Movie Quote of the Day – Norma Rae, 1979 (dir. Martin Ritt)

Norma Rae: I’m staying put! Right where I am! It’s gonna take you, and the police department, and the fire department, and the National Guard to get me outta here! I’m waitin’ for the sheriff to come and take me home! And I ain’t gonna budge till he gets here!

Oscar Vault Monday – Sounder, 1972 (dir. Martin Ritt)

1972 is a hard year to discuss a film that was nominated but didn’t win Best Picture considering the winner that year was The Godfather. I decided to go with Martin Ritt’s Sounder because it is almost as opposite a film from The Godfather among the other nominees. Yet, in a way it’s very similar. Both films are about the lengths one will go for family. Sounder is a drama, but in the end it’s also one of the most uplifting films I’ve ever seen. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actress Cicely Tyson, Best Actor Paul Winfield and Best Picture. The other films nominated that year were Cabaret, Deliverance, The Emigrants and winner The Godfather.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Hud, 1963 (dir. Martin Ritt)

Hud Bannon: Nobody gets out of life alive.