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January 2018 in Films

January started out pretty good for my cinematic resolutions. I watched a handful of silent films each week and it really did make me happier! I also sought out a few films directed by women that I kept missing (and they were worth the wait!) and saw probably the best film of 2018 so the rest of the year can just take a big break. As always, you can see all the films I watched last month after the cut as well as a few favorites.

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Movie Quote of the Day – October Gale, 2015 (dir. Ruba Nadda)


William: You know, it’s funny. You think you can always just turn it around. Like no matter what, you can just walk it back. But you can’t. I know you know that. But there’s this other part of you that knows you’ve got to get on with it. Like you never forget about it, you never forget. But you’ve got to get on with it. You just decide that this awful thing you make it count. From here on out, you make it count.

Movie Quote of the Day – Cairo Time, 2010 (dir. Ruba Nadda)


Juliette Grant: Why is everyone starring?
Tareq Khalifa: This cafe is for men.
Juliette Grant: What do the women do?
Tareq Khalifa: Other things.
Juliette Grant: No one said anything.
Tareq Khalifa: No, that would be rude.