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Movie Quote of the Day – Belle, 2014 (dir. Amma Asante)


Dido Elizabeth Belle: Elizabeth said something when we arrived in London. “We women are but the property of gentlemen.” But it came into my head that I have been blessed with freedom twice over. As a negro and as a woman.
John Davinier: I suppose you have.
Dido Elizabeth Belle: Or have I? Must not a lady marry even if she is financially secure? For who is she without a husband of consequence? It seems silly – like a free negro who begs for a master.
John Davinier: Well…unless… she marries her equal. Her true equal. A man who respects her.

Cinema Fanatic’s Favorite Fifteen Films of 2014

Last year there were films I enjoyed, but mostly I was just really underwhelmed. This year, however, it was really hard to narrow it down to fifteen films. I think part of this was living in Los Angeles and being able to see those little films that only play for a week in some small theater. I’m so grateful to be able to do that! If you are interested in all of the 2014 releases I saw this year, you can check out the full list here.


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Joan Crawford, Polish Films and New Releases: May 2014 in Films

While this is the second month in 2014 where I didn’t average a film a day, I did watch a lot of great films – most of which I saw in theaters! I saw three Orson Welles films at LACMA: Too Much Johnson, The Lady From Shanghai and Mr. Arkadin. At the screening of Too Much Johnson I met Joseph Cotten’s nephew Joe Cotten and we’re slowly becoming good internet friends, so that’s awesome. I also ran into him on the way back to my car at the Orson double (his aunt, Jo’s second wife, Patricia Medina has a great part in Mr. Arkadin). I saw several films directed by women this month and will highlight a few of those after the cut. Female Filmmaker Friday has been going well (I hope you’ve been reading!), I also came up with some handy lists: eight movies that are out now or will be released through August directed by women and 100 movies on Netflix directed by women. Also! If you have Twitter and would be so kind as to retweet this, that would be great.  So use those and watch more movies by ladies! And now, as always, here’s a breakdown of some of my favorite films I watched this month.


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