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Movie Quote of the Day – The Old Maid, 1939 (dir. Edmund Goulding)


Tina: I’ll go, but before I go, you’ve got to know that I’m sick your spying and fault-finding and meddling–
Delia Lovell: No, Tina!
Tina: You can say what you want to me Mummy, because you understand me and I love you. But she’s just a sour old maid who hates me–
Delia Lovell: Tina!
Tina: –because I’m young and attractive and in love, while she’s old and hideous and dried up and has never known anything about love!

Movie Quote of the Day – We’re Not Married!, 1952 (dir. Edmund Goulding)


Ramona Gladwyn: Say one thing about our marriage. If there’s such a thing as an un-jackpot, I’ve hit it!

Movie Quote of the Day – The Great Lie, 1941 (dir. Edmund Goulding)


Sandra Kovac: I’m not one of you anemic creatures who can get nourishment from a lettuce leaf – I’m a musician, I’m an artist! I have zest and appetite and I like food! I’ve been lying awake thinking about food and now I’m gonna have it!

Movie Quote of the Day – Dark Victory, 1939 (dir. Edmund Goulding)


Judith: I’ve never taken orders from anyone. As long as I live, I’ll never take orders from anyone. I’ll tell you something else. I’m well, absolutely well. I’m young and strong and nothing can touch me.

Movie Quote of the Day – Nightmare Alley, 1947 (dir. Edmund Goulding)

Carny #1: How can a guy sink so low?
Carny #2: He reached too high.

Movie Quote of the Day – Grand Hotel, 1932 (dir. Edmund Goulding)

Grusinskaya: I want to be alone.