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Movie Quote of the Day – The Sniper, 1952 (dir. Edward Dmytryk)


Police Lt. Frank Kafka: All I have to do is catch him.
Dr. James G. Kent: You’ll catch ’em, and they’ll kill ’em, and everyone will forget about it. . . that is until the next one comes along. Then it will start all over again.

Movie Quote of the Day – Panic in the Streets, 1950 (dir. Elia Kazan)

Lt. Cmdr. Clinton ‘Clint’ Reed M.D.: You know, my mother always told me if you looked deep enough in anybody… you’d always find some good, but I don’t know.
Capt. Tom Warren: With apologies to your mother, that’s the second mistake she made.
Lt. Cmdr. Clinton ‘Clint’ Reed M.D.: I should have seen that one coming.

Movie Quote of the Day – Becket, 1964 (dir. Peter Glenville)

Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine: I gave you my youth, I gave you your children.
King Henry II: I don’t like my children! And as for your youth, that withered flower, pressed between the pages of a hymnbook since you were twelve years old, with its watery blood and stale insipid scent, you can bid farewell to that without a tear. Your body was an empty desert, madame, which duty forced me to wander in alone.