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Movie Quote of the Day – Two Rode Together, 1961 (dir. John Ford)


Belle Aragon: Well, what will you have?
Marshal Guthrie McCabe: What he could use most is a bath.
First Lt. Jim Gary: Now, don’t keep saying things like that to me!
Belle Aragon: I’m sorry, that’s one service we don’t provide. Not that it doesn’t have its possibilities.

Movie Quote of the Day – Pickup on South Street, 1953 (dir. Samuel Fuller)


Capt. Dan Tiger: You’ll always be a two-bit cannon. And when they pick you up in the gutter dead, you’re hand’ll be in a drunk’s pocket.

Movie Quote of the Day – No Way Out, 1950 (dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz)


Dr. Luther Brooks: Don’t cry, white boy, you’re gonna live.

Movie Quote of the Day – Panic in the Streets, 1950 (dir. Elia Kazan)

Lt. Cmdr. Clinton ‘Clint’ Reed M.D.: You know, my mother always told me if you looked deep enough in anybody… you’d always find some good, but I don’t know.
Capt. Tom Warren: With apologies to your mother, that’s the second mistake she made.
Lt. Cmdr. Clinton ‘Clint’ Reed M.D.: I should have seen that one coming.

Movie Quote of the Day – Kiss of Death, 1947 (dir. Henry Hathaway)

Tommy Udo: I’m askin’ ya, where’s that squealin’ son of yours? [maniacal laugh] You think a squealer can get away from me? Huh?  [maniacal laugh] You know what I do to squealers? I let ’em have it in the belly, so they can roll around for a long time thinkin’ it over.