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Movie Quote of the Day – Vampire’s Kiss, 1988 (dir. Robert Bierman)

Peter Loew: Alva, there is no one else in this entire office that I could possibly ask to share such a horrible job. You’re the lowest on the totem pole here, Alva. The lowest. Do you realize that? Every other secretary here has been here longer than you, Alva. Every one. And even if there was someone here who was here even one day longer than you, I still wouldn’t ask that person to partake in such a miserable job as long as you were around. That’s right, Alva. It’s a horrible, horrible job; sifting through old contract after old contract. I couldn’t think of a more horrible job if I wanted to. And you have to do it! You have to or I’ll fire you. You understand? Do you? Good.

Movie Quote of the Day – After Hours, 1985 (dir. Martin Scorsese)

Paul Hackett: I just wanted to leave, you know, my apartment. Maybe meet a nice girl. And now I’ve got to die for it!