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Movie Quote of the Day – Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, 1993 (dir. Randa Haines)


Frank: You out to get yourself a husband, Cooney, you wouldn’t be so mean.
Helen Cooney: I had a husband. That’s how I got this way.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Decline of Western Civilization, 1981 (dir. Penelope Spheeris)


Eugene: That’s stupid. Punk rock. I don’t, you know. . .I just think of it as rock ‘n’ roll cuz that’s what it is. You know?
Penelope: What do you like about it?
Eugene: Well, I like that it’s like. . .something new and it’s just reviving old rock ‘n’ roll. And it’s like it’s raw again. It’s for real. And it’s fun, and you know. . .it’s like, it’s not bullshit. There’s no rock stars now, you know.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, 1980 (dir. Connie Field)


Lola Weixel: I now that lots of the women who went to training with me and worked with me believed that we were the new woman. We believed it. I think to America at large, while they may have known what our contribution was to the production of this country, we were largely a joke. A big joke. A shapely girl with a hot sign on her pants, a girl who was quivering for her man to come home and go back to the kitchen. That’s exactly the picture that was given. And I think that they prepare women psychologically for whatever role the society feels at that particular point they want her to play. After losing so many men, America wanted babies. And we wanted babies. It’s okay. But we gave up everything for that. We gave up everything.

Movie Quote of the Day – Portrait of Jason, 1967 (dir. Shirley Clarke)


Shirley Clarke: Did you like the name Aaron Payne?
Jason Holliday: As Aaron Payne I I was pretty. . .far out. Not any further than I am now, but I was. . .oh well, it had unpleasant memories that lead to this state of depression. And. . .I just thought, being with those people in San Francisco whose personalities were suiting their names that, if I found myself another name and gave myself another chance, uh. . .I’d be happier. And I dug being called Jason. And like, all my hip friends and the people that I knew, I told them my name is Jason now. And they’d call me that. But a few evil people. . .you know, every now and then they’ll call you Aaron. And, uh. . .I remember once, in San Francisco, I told Miles Davis, I said, “My name is Jason.” And Miles said, “Shit. . .That ain’t none of your name.” But he was hip enough to call me Jason. He hasn’t called me Aaron since. And, as Jason, I really have discovered a new personality. I’m a lazy cat. I’ve always wanted to really jump into it, but. . .I kept avoiding it somehow. Like I made an excuse for accepting other people’s problems and puttin’ down my own. And I always became this one or that one’s flunky or anything to do to keep from facing what I really wanted to do. And now I kinda like want to do it. And Jason sorta is giving me the strength to do it. Like, I came back to New York after being away for three four five years, and some old friends that you don’t even see any more and the new ones or the ones that you keep, I told them my name was Jason. And, uh. . .I was able to establish that. I got the social security card: Jason Holliday. I have a cabaret license. Believe me: there’s something to the name. You know, if the name rings a bell to you and makes you feel well, then take the name.

Movie Quote of the Day – Mrs. Soffel, 1984 (dir. Gillian Armstrong)


Kate: Soffel: Don’t you let them take me alive, Ed. Promise me. Promise me, Ed.
Ed Biddle: I won’t, I promise. I won’t let them take you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Crossing Delancey, 1988 (dir. Joan Micklin Silver)


Izzy: Thanks so much for coming tonight. I felt so clumsy the other day.
Sam: It was an awkward situation, Mrs. Mandelbaum setting it up like that. I should have spoken to you on my own the first time I saw you.
Izzy: When was that?
Sam: The first time? About three and a half years ago, I think.
Izzy: Where?
Sam: In the neighborhood. On the benches with your bubbie. Around.
Izzy: Really.
Sam: Then one day, Mrs. Mandelbaum comes by the store does her usual spiel. Shows me her pictures, tells her lies. “This one’s 18, a scholar. This one’s 22, a beauty.” Some of these pictures were taken before the flashbulb was invented. But it’s like this little ritual we have. She has a business and I respect that. I’m a bachelor. She can’t help herself.
Izzy: Wait a minute. You mean, you didn’t hire her?
Sam: No. But on this particular day she pulled this from her bag.
Izzy: Oh, no.
Sam: And I said, “Yes, Mrs. Mandelbaum this one I’ll meet.”

Movie Quote of the Day – A Dry White Season, 1989 (dir. Euzhan Palcy)


Stanley Makhaya: The best way of remembering a man, lani, is to keep on fighting.

Movie Quote of the Day – Kiss of the Damned, 2013 (dir. Xan Cassavetes)


Xenia: I don’t want to hear the term “monsters.” We’re all monsters. Potentially, you know,  potentially not.

Movie Quote of the Day – Corrina, Corrina, 1994 (dir. Jessie Nelson)


Molly: Will I have chi-chis like yours someday?
Corrina: Why do you call them “chi-chis?” Who told you that?
Molly: My Daddy calls them that.
Corrina: He calls them chi-chis?” I heard them called a lot of things: “hooters,” “ta-tas,” but never “chi-chis.”

Movie Quote of the Day – Border Radio, 1987 (dir. Allison Anders, Kurt Voss, Dean Lent)


Chris: Well, yeah. I’m the roadie, but I. . .I do a lot more than that. I, uh. . .I mean, I. . .I do a lot more than just set up equipment and stuff. I’m like a. . .Well, I’m more what you call a hands-on roadie. I’m basically Jeff’s right-hand man. And when he needs advice or somethin’, he comes to me. And. . .You know, like when he has trouble with Dean or something like that. Yeah, when Jeff’s up there onstage, it’s like a. . .It’s like a part of me is up there with him.
Man: Do you get paid?
Chris: Nah, I do it for rock. Rock’s much more important than money. It’s like a statement.
Man: A statement of what?
Chris: Well, it’s. . .Uh. . .I don’t know. It’s. . .It’s, uh. . .Well, it’s like when guys are rockin’ out onstage, you know. . .and they’re. . .they’re doin’ what they want and bein’ cool. That’s a statement.
Man: Well, how do you support yourself?
Chris: Well, that’s extraneous information.