2017 in Films: 365 Days, 628 Films, and a Year Full of Cinema!

2017 was quite the film (and TV!) watching year for me. I got really obsessed with a lot of things and I watched more films this year than I have in a few years. After the cut you can see all 628 new-to-me films I watched (and you can read my monthly breakdowns here). This year was filled with a lot highlights both in terms of what I watched, but also places I visited and people I met. Here’s hoping 2018 will be even better!


  1. (January) American Gangster
  2. Déjà Vu
  3. The Book of Eli
  4. Fingers at the Window
  5. Il giustiziere sfida la città (Syndicate Sadists)
  6. He Got Game
  7. The Mirror Has Two Faces
  8. Underworld: Blood Wars
  9. Paterson
  10. Claire In Motion
  11. Elle
  12. You Got To Move
  13. Freedom on My Mind
  14. Rome Adventure
  15. Julieta
  16. Neruda
  17. (February) I Am Not Your Negro
  18. 20th Century Women
  19. D’Est (From The East)
  20. Bar Bahr (In Between)
  21. John Wick: Chapter Two
  22. The Salesman
  23. Sud (South)
  24. Là-bas (Down There)
  25. De l’autre côté (From The Other Side)
  26. La folie Almayer (Almayer’s Folly)
  27. Chantal Akerman, de cá (Chantal Akerman, From Here)
  28. I Don’t Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal Akerman
  29. Toni Erdmann
  30. A United Kingdom
  31. Virtuosity
  32. Yin shi nan nu (Eat Drink Man Woman)
  33. Play It As It Lays
  34. (March) Kedi
  35. A Summer Place
  36. Get Out
  37. Lemon
  38. Lucky
  39. Fits and Starts
  40. Flesh and Blood
  41. David Lynch – The Art Life
  42. The Exiles
  43. Raw
  44. Personal Shopper
  45. Tension
  46. Song to Song
  47. Antonia’s Line
  48. Something Wild
  49. (April) The Zookeeper’s Wife
  50. Street Scene
  51. Their Finest
  52. Colossal
  53. Assigné à résidence (Locked-in Syndrome)
  54. Something of Value
  55. Stolen Holiday
  56. Blondie of the Follies
  57. Uncle Yanco
  58. Du côté de la côte
  59. Judex
  60. Jean de Florette
  61. Manon des sources (Manon of the Spring)
  62. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
  63. Les Portes de la nuit
  64. Lemon (1969)
  65. Manual of Arms
  66. Process Red
  67. Zorns Lemma
  68. Hapax Legomena I: Nostalgia
  69. Hapax Legomena II: Poetic Justice
  70. Hapax Legomena III: Critical Mass
  71. Gloria!
  72. Magellan: At the Gates of Death, Part I: The Red Gate I, 0
  73. The Birth of Magellan: Cadenza I
  74. (May) Cronaca di un amore (Story of a Love Affair)
  75. Shield for Murder
  76. I vinti (The Vanquished)
  77. Il grido
  78. The Prowler (1951)
  79. The Passenger (1975)
  80. Identificazione di una donna (Identification of a Woman)
  81. Vanessa: Her Love Story
  82. Happy Land
  83. An American Tragedy
  84. Everything Everything
  85. The Times of Harvey Milk
  86. Laavor et hakir (The Wedding Plan)
  87. Black Panthers (Huey)
  88. Mur murs
  89. (June) Wonder Woman
  90. Never Let Me Go (1953)
  91. Trouble for Two (1936)
  92. Just a Gigolo (1931)
  93. The Vanishing Virginian
  94. No Time for Love
  95. There Goes My Heart
  96. Storm at Daybreak
  97. Words and Music (1948)
  98. Paris Can Wait
  99. To Sir, With Love
  100. Cleopatra Jones
  101. For Pete’s Sake
  102. Summer Stock
  103. The Enchanted Cottage
  104. Split Second (1953)
  105. Stallion Road
  106. Rich, Young and Pretty
  107. June Bride
  108. The Small Back Room (Hour of Glory)
  109. Girl of the Port
  110. Wakefield
  111. Desire (1936)
  112. Rancho Notorious
  113. The Song of Songs
  114. The Seventh Sin
  115. Sincerely Yours
  116. Les Girls
  117. One Crowded Night
  118. Death In Venice
  119. I Could Go On Singing
  120. Victim
  121. Maurice
  122. Gentleman’s Fate
  123. Devotion (1946)
  124. Les soeurs Brontë (The Brontë Sisters)
  125. Ride the Wild Surf
  126. Return of the Secaucus Seven
  127. Lianna
  128. The Brother from Another Planet
  129. Casa de los babys
  130. (July) The Beguiled (2017)
  131. The Big Sick
  132. The White Sister (1923)
  133. The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926)
  134. Bulldog Drummond (1929)
  135. Raffles (1930)
  136. The Devil To Pay!
  137. Cynara (I Was Faithful)
  138. Arrowsmith (1931)
  139. Nobody Lives Forever (1946)
  140. The Ring (1927)
  141. Downhill
  142. The Farmer’s Wife
  143. The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog
  144. The Manxman
  145. Blackmail
  146. The Skin Game
  147. Rich and Strange
  148. Jamaica Inn
  149. Aventure malgache
  150. Bon Voyage (1944)
  151. Miss Firecracker
  152. La Bohème (1926)
  153. The Show
  154. A Woman of Affairs
  155. Desert Nights
  156. Way For A Sailor
  157. The Seventh Victim
  158. Moka
  159. Baby Driver
  160. Clive of India (1935)
  161. The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo
  162. If I Were King
  163. The Light That Failed
  164. Ladybug Ladybug
  165. Lions Love (…And Lies)
  166. Documenteur
  167. Jane B. par Agnès V.
  168. Kung-fu master! (Le Petit Amour)
  169. L’univers de Jacques Demy
  170. Les glaneurs et la glaneuse (The Gleaners and I)
  171. Kid Glove Killer
  172. A Matter of Time
  173. Dunkirk (2017)
  174. The Umbrella Man
  175. The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography
  176. The Silver Horde
  177. Rockabye
  178. Chance at Heaven
  179. Lucky Partners
  180. Kismet (1944)
  181. A Little Romance
  182. Deadline at Dawn
  183. Sabotage
  184. Secret Agent
  185. The Paradine Case
  186. The Trouble with Harry
  187. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)
  188. A Double Life (1947)
  189. Girls Trip
  190. The Night of the Iguana
  191. Landline
  192. Maudie
  193. Lady Macbeth
  194. Pop Aye
  195. Torn Curtain
  196. Topaz
  197. Frenzy
  198. Family Plot
  199. (August) Ladies of the Chorus
  200. Love Nest
  201. Laugh, Clown, Laugh
  202. The Penalty
  203. The Ace of Hearts
  204. Oliver Twist (1922)
  205. The Monster (1925)
  206. The Unholy Three (1925)
  207. The Black Bird
  208. Tell It To The Marines
  209. Mr. Wu
  210. West of Zanzibar
  211. Where East is East
  212. The Unholy Three (1930)
  213. Blackthorn
  214. Country
  215. Steel Magnolias
  216. Voyager (Homo Faber)
  217. The Only Thrill
  218. A Life of Her Own
  219. Let’s Do It Again
  220. Alias Nick Beal
  221. Panic In Year Zero
  222. When Strangers Marry
  223. Story of G.I. Joe
  224. Exclusive Story
  225. The Wife Takes a Flyer
  226. The King Steps Out
  227. The Unguarded Hour
  228. Gentlemen Are Born
  229. Between Two Women (1937)
  230. Uncle Vanya (1957)
  231. Old Enough
  232. Johnny Angel
  233. Crack-Up
  234. Borderline
  235. Step
  236. Cry, the Beloved Country
  237. Good-bye, My Lady
  238. The Bedford Incident
  239. Brother John
  240. Buck and the Preacher
  241. A Warm December
  242. Whose Streets?
  243. Unstoppable
  244. Chicago (1927)
  245. Roxie Hart
  246. The Purchase Price
  247. My Reputation
  248. Elvis on Tour
  249. Clambake
  250. Kissin’ Cousins
  251. Live a Little, Love a Little
  252. Elvis: That’s the Way It Is
  253. Ricochet (1991)
  254. Condemned (1929)
  255. Biography of a Bachelor Girl
  256. I Was A Male War Bride
  257. Sage femme (The Midwife)
  258. In Name Only
  259. Mr. Lucky
  260. Good Time
  261. The Hard Way
  262. Dragnet (1954)
  263. Drive a Crooked Road
  264. Classe tous risques
  265. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
  266. Blue Collar
  267. Hearts Divided
  268. Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World
  269. Breathless (1983)
  270. (September) The Song of Bernadette
  271. Too Wise Wives
  272. Where Are My Children?
  273. 711 Ocean Drive
  274. Columbus (2017)
  275. New Balls Please
  276. Beach Rats
  277. The Girl Downstairs
  278. The Other F Word
  279. Two Trains Runnin’
  280. First They Killed My Father
  281. Brad’s Status
  282. California Typewriter
  283. Scandal Sheet
  284. Polina
  285. From the Earth to the Moon
  286. (October) Three Days To Live (1924)
  287. Calino veut être cow-boy
  288. Pendaison à Jefferson City
  289. La prairie en feu
  290. Cent dollars mor ou vif
  291. Le revolver matrimonial
  292. The Scapegrace
  293. La Baronne Raymonde de LaRoche, aviatrice
  294. L’aviatrice mademoiselle Marvingt, décolle de mourmelon
  295. Madame Hélène Dutrieu, aviatrice vers 1915
  296. La vie aérienne sur l’aérodrome d’Orly, mademoiselle Adrienne Bolland a battu son propre record en exécutant 212 fois le looping
  297. L’autre aile
  298. The World And The Women (1916)
  299. Synnöve Solbakken (A Norway Lass) (1919)
  300. How Bridget Served The Salad Undressed
  301. How Bridget Made The Fire
  302. The Finish of Bridget McKeen
  303. La course à la saucisse
  304. Victoire à ses nerfs
  305. Le rêve des marmitons
  306. Her First Biscuits
  307. Lucky Jim (1909)
  308. Het Onwillige Dienstmeisje (The Reluctant Housemaid)
  309. Le signe de Pétronille
  310. Een Dierenvriend (Animal Lover)
  311. Are Waitresses Safe?
  312. Shima No Musume (The Island Girl)
  313. Call Of The Cuckoo
  314. Don’t Tell Everything
  315. Le contremaître incendaire
  316. L’emigrante (1915)
  317. Fauno
  318. Feeding The Pigeons In St. Mark’s Square
  319. Grand Canal, Venice
  320. Panoramic View of the Vegetable Market, Venice
  321. Neapolitan Dance At The Ancient Forum of Pompeii
  322. Panoramic View of the Frere Camp Taken The Front of an Armored Train
  323. Menai Bridge: The Irish Daily Mail From Euston Entering The Tubular Bridge
  324. Warships At Sunset
  325. Amann The Great Impersonator
  326. Prestwych Platform Scene
  327. Fat Ox 1897. Car of the ‘She-Cats’ – The Hats
  328. Vienna Street Scene
  329. Panorama of Pompeii
  330. Fun On A Clothesline
  331. Kavirondongrene Paa Fisk (Kavirondo Tribe Members Fishing)
  332. Der Gelbe Schein (The Yellow Ticket)
  333. Lesniye Liudi (Forest People)
  334. Tungusi (Tungus)
  335. Le bateau de Léontine
  336. Les ficelle de Léontine
  337. Léontine en apprentissage
  338. Ventilateur breveté
  339. Les malices de Léontine
  340. Amour et musique
  341. Un ravalement précipité
  342. Rosalie et son phonographe
  343. Rosalie et Léontine vont au théâtre
  344. Rosalie emménage
  345. Léontine garde la maison
  346. Fiore Selvaggio
  347. Tvä Hungrande Städer Vid Donau (Two Starving Cities on the Danube)
  348. 1917 Val Duchesse
  349. La Paura Degli Aeromobili Nemici
  350. Les ruines des ville d’armentières lens et la bassée
  351. La vie reprend dans les régions libérées
  352. Massaiernes Menn Og Kvinner (Maasai Men and Women)
  353. Fante-Anne (Gypsy Anne)
  354. Mieux valait la nuit
  355. Amma, le voyeur aveugle
  356. Le coeur et les yeux
  357. [Messter-Woche:] Modeschau Im Zoo
  358. Water Lilies (1911)
  359. Mr. Myope chasse
  360. Le mensonge de Jean le Manchot
  361. Blindeninstituut En Ooglijdersgasthuis Te Bandoeng (Insitute For the Blind Home in Bandung)
  362. A Flash of Light
  363. Trappola
  364. Now We’re In The Air
  365. The Reckless Age
  366. Schatten: Eine Nächtliche Halluzination (Warning Shadows)
  367. Die Bergkatze (The Wildcat)
  368. Le railway de la morte
  369. Face au taureau
  370. Nel Paese dell’Oro
  371. Onésime sur le sentier de la guerre
  372. Kikujunegrene Danser (Kikuyu Tribe Members Dancing)
  373. Captain F.E. Kleinschmidt’s Artic Hunt
  374. Il Baco Da Seta
  375. La Guerra Italo-Turca
  376. La Gloriosa Battaglia Del 12 Marzo A Begasi Nell’Oasi Delle Due Palme
  377. The Victorious Battle For the Conquest of Mergheb, Africa
  378. La Vita Dei Nostri Ascari Eritrei In Libia
  379. Plotoni Nuotatori Della 3 Divisione Cavalleria Comandata Da S.A.R. IL Conte Di Torino
  380. Sixième Bataille De L’Insonzo
  381. Kaffeplantasje I Afrika/Kenya (Coffee Plantation In Kenya)
  382. Aelita
  383. Vem Dömer? (Love’s Crucible)
  384. Ménilmontant
  385. Fièvre
  386. Il Fiacre N. 13 (1917)
  387. Viaggio In Caucaso E Persia
  388. Daleko Na Sever (Far In The North)
  389. The Right To Happiness
  390. Mediolanum
  391. 24e chasseurs alpins: sauts d’obstacles
  392. Danse au bivouac
  393. Fête au village
  394. Pompiers: alerte
  395. Salut dans les vergues
  396. Fête du palais-royal #1
  397. Fête du palais-royal #2
  398. Fête du palais-royal #3: re-enactment of scene from Notre-Dame de Paris
  399. Panoramic Painting of the Battlefield
  400. Military Parade at the Cour d’Honneur in Versailles
  401. Panorama on the Creuse river #1
  402. Dam on the Creuse river
  403. Panorama on the Creuse river #2
  404. Paper Manufacture
  405. Journalists and Typographers In Editorial Office
  406. Men Unloading A Train
  407. Train Pulling Into A Factory
  408. Carmen (1918)
  409. Nebuvalyi Pokhid (An Unprecedented Campaign)
  410. Tokyo No Yado (An Inn In Tokyo)
  411. The Taming of Jane
  412. An Up-To-Date Squaw
  413. The Corporal’s Daughter
  414. The Night Rider
  415. Patouillard a une femme jalouse
  416. Lea Bambola
  417. The Circus Imps
  418. The Pouting Model
  419. Living Pictures Production
  420. Birth of the Pearl
  421. Un duel après le bal
  422. Spirit of ’76
  423. Combat sur la voie ferrée (1898)
  424. Combat sur la voie ferrée (1899)
  425. Mort de marat
  426. Charlotte Corday (1908)
  427. Death of Nelson
  428. Les dernières cartouches (1897)
  429. Les dernières cartouches (1899)
  430. Les dernières cartouches / Bombardment d’une Miason
  431. La fiancée du volontaire
  432. Flagrant délit d’adultère
  433. Le jugement de Phryné
  434. Akt-Skulpturen
  435. La vie et la passion de Jésus-Christ (1902)
  436. Vie et passion de N.S. Jésus-Christ
  437. La vie et la passion de Jésus-Christ (1897)
  438. La nativité
  439. Les cloches du soir
  440. Rouget de lisle chantant la Marseillaise
  441. What Are the Wild Waves Saying, Sister?
  442. Waiting For Santa Claus
  443. Le réveil de Chrysis
  444. Le bain des dame de la cour
  445. An Affair of Honor
  446. The Spirit of His Forefathers
  447. The Whisky of His Ancestors
  448. Der Golem (1915)
  449. Der Gang In Die Nacht
  450. Il Carnevale Di Nizza
  451. La Campana Dei Caduti Rovereto 24 Maggio 1925
  452. Le femme rêvée
  453. Glomdalsbruden (The Bride of Glomdal)
  454. Sulla Vie Dell’Oro
  455. Manden Uden Fremtid (The Man Without A Future)
  456. Dawn (1928)
  457. Lea In Ufficio
  458. Lea Sui Pattini
  459. Tilly’s Party
  460. Cunégonde trop curieuse
  461. Cunégonde femme cochère
  462. Onésime et la toilette de mademoiselle Badinois
  463. Everybody’s Doing It
  464. She’s A Prince
  465. Thora Van Deken (A Mother’s Fight)
  466. La chasse aux signes
  467. The World and Its Women
  468. Antologia Filmati Neuropatologici Realizzati Dal Prof. Camillo Negro Con Robert Omegna
  469. Med Bærerkaravene Gjennem Østrafika (By Caravan Through East Africa)
  470. A Fool There Was (1915)
  471. Mania. Die Geschichte Einer Zigarettenarbeiterin (Mania. The Story of a Cigarette Factory Worker)
  472. Kara-Dag Zhemchuzhina Vostochnogo Kryma (Kara-Dag. The Pearl of Eastern Crimea)
  473. Podvig Vo L’Dakh (Feat in the Ice)
  474. Anna-Liisa
  475. Seven Footprints To Satan
  476. Après L’Incendie De Salonique, Août 1917
  477. La croix rouge suisse accueille des réfugiés française en gare de bäle
  478. La femme française pendant la guerre (1918)
  479. Noël de guerre (1916)
  480. Morænen (The House of Shadows)
  481. The Deadlier Sex
  482. le rosier miraculeux
  483. The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927)
  484. Careers (1929)
  485. Dolores (2017)
  486. Bardelys the Magnificent
  487. Professor Marston & the Wonder Women
  488. Battle of the Sexes
  489. Körkarlen (The Phantom Carriage)
  490. Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages
  491. Madam Satan
  492. Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton
  493. Fright Night (2011)
  494. The Florida Project
  495. 2 Guns
  496. Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold
  497. The Killing of a Sacred Deer
  498. Poltergeist (1982)
  499. (Noirvember) The Street With No Name
  500. So Dark the Night
  501. Edge of Doom
  502. Jane (2017)
  503. Vicki (1953)
  504. Katok i skripka (The Steamroller and the Violin)
  505. I Was a Communist for the F.B.I.
  506. Ivanovo detstvo (Ivan’s Childhood)
  507. Wonderstruck
  508. The Suspect
  509. Nightfall (1956)
  510. Andrei Rublev
  511. The Shanghai Gesture
  512. Solaris (1972)
  513. Dog City (1989)
  514. Zerkalo (The Mirror)
  515. One Way Street
  516. Stalker
  517. L’Opéra (The Paris Opera)
  518. Black Widow (1954)
  519. Nostalghia
  520. The Square (2017)
  521. Crimes of Passion (1984)
  522. Offret (The Sacrifice)
  523. The Mob (1951)
  524. Somewhere in the Night
  525. Cornered
  526. The Racket (1951)
  527. 120 battements par minute
  528. City That Never Sleeps
  529. Lady Bird
  530. The Last Seduction
  531. Mudbound
  532. Obsession (The Hidden Room)
  533. House of Strangers
  534. Menschen am Sonntag (People On Sunday)
  535. Ins Blaue hinein (Into The Blue)
  536. The Long Night
  537. The Tattooed Stranger
  538. Born In Flames
  539. Roman J. Israel, Esq.
  540. The Magdalene Sisters
  541. Jeffrey
  542. Novitiate
  543. God’s Own Country
  544. Jeopardy
  545. Red Rock West
  546. Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives
  547. After Dark, My Sweet
  548. Dark City (1998)
  549. This World, Then the Fireworks
  550. Deadline – U.S.A.
  551. Blast of Silence
  552. (December) Daisy Miller
  553. Pushover
  554. Thelma (2017)
  555. Woodshock
  556. The Crow
  557. Times Square
  558. Local Hero
  559. What’s Love Got To Do With It
  560. The Mark of Zorro (1940)
  561. Dramatic School
  562. They Won’t Forget
  563. Dancing Co-Ed
  564. Honky Tonk
  565. Umirayushchii lebed (The Dying Swan)
  566. The Great Garrick
  567. The Cossacks (1928)
  568. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  569. Lady on a Train
  570. We Who Are Young
  571. Two Girls on Broadway
  572. Somewhere I’ll Find You
  573. The Youngest Profession
  574. Slightly Dangerous
  575. Keep Your Powder Dry
  576. Sumerki zhenskoi dushi (Twilight of a Woman’s Soul)
  577. Posle smerti (After Death)
  578. Peyton Place
  579. Tom of Finland
  580. Un conte de Noël (A Christmas Tale)
  581. Dance in the Sun
  582. In Paris Parks
  583. Bullfight (1955)
  584. Brussels Loops
  585. A Moment in Love
  586. Bridges-Go-Round
  587. Skyscraper
  588. A Scary Time
  589. Robert Frost: A Lover’s Quarrel with the World
  590. Butterfly
  591. 24 Frames Per Second
  592. Four Journeys Into Mystic Time: Initiation
  593. Four Journeys Into Mystic Time: Mysterium
  594. Four Journeys Into Mystic Time: One-Two-Three
  595. Four Journeys Into Mystic Time: Trans
  596. Savage/Love
  597. Tongues
  598. The Disaster Artist
  599. Tomka dhe shokët e tij (Tomka And His Friends)
  600. La petite vendeuse de soleil (The Little Girl Who Sold The Sun)
  601. Princess Cyd
  602. Remember The Night
  603. Marriage Is a Private Affair
  604. Week-End at the Waldorf
  605. Cass Timberlane
  606. Homecoming
  607. Call Me by Your Name
  608. Plácido
  609. L’assassinat du Père Noël (Who Killed Santa Claus?)
  610. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
  611. Love Finds Andy Hardy
  612. The Merry Widow (1952)
  613. Latin Lovers
  614. Betrayed
  615. Madame X (1962)
  616. Portrait in Black
  617. Bachelor in Paradise
  618. The Big Cube
  619. Mr. Imperium
  620. The Sea Chase
  621. The Prodigal
  622. Diane
  623. By Love Possessed
  624. Love Has Many Faces
  625. Bittersweet Love
  626. Forever Amber
  627. Dawson City: Frozen Time
  628. Chemi Bednieri Ojakhi (My Happy Family)

1880s: 0
1890s: 40
1900s: 33
1910s: 82
1920s: 71
1930s: 53
1940s: 63
1950s: 58
1960s: 39
1970s: 39
1980s: 28
1990s: 23
2000s: 9
2010s: 90

Every year I see one movie that changes my life completely. That finds its way deep into my soul. This year that movie was James Ivory’s adaptation of E. M. Forster’s Maurice. Cohen Media Group released a new 4k restoration of the film out in theaters for its 30th anniversary and I am so grateful that not only did it play at the Midtown Art Cinema, it played for two weeks so I was able to see the film twice. It is such a lovely, passionate, heart-wrenching, soul-stirring film. I cannot recommend it enough. I also recommend seeking out the book. I read it in one sitting and it made my love of the film grow exponentially. The restoration was also released on DVD and Blu-ray, so if you missed it in theaters you can track that down and check it out. If you want to see what pure joy looks like, watch my (spoiler filled) review of the film here on YouTube.

This is my second year tracking my watching of films directed by women using the hashtag #52FilmsByWomen (take the pledge here). I watched 79 films directed by women in 2017 (32 of which were films released in 2017; 8 of which made my Favorite Fifteen Films of 2017 list). You can see the whole list of films directed by women I watched here. Using FilmStruck I was able to catch up on the filmographies of several women directors including Shirley Clarke, Agnès Varda, and Chantal Akerman. I’m hoping in 2018 to watch more films from some of the silent women directors like Alice Guy and Lois Weber.

I returned to the Pordenone Silent Film Festival for the second year in a row and I hope to go there as many years as I possibly can. I love that festival so damn much. The pure immersion in silent cinema is really the greatest of experiences and add to it all the gelato and good wine and you’ve really got heaven on Earth. As you can see from my list above, I watched A LOT of films from the silent era this year, most of which were films you can’t see elsewhere unless you work in the archive where the prints live. If you feel so compelled as to go in the coming years, hit me up and I can give you great tips on how to get there and stay there on the cheap. It’s worth it, I promise!

As you probably already know I do the social media for TCM and FilmStruck, so I am intimately informed about what films we will have on either at any given time. This has led to a lot of binge watches. Usually on FilmStruck I slack off until right before a film or theme is about to expire and then I watch them just before they disappear. With TCM, I went hard for several of our themes this year. In June I watched almost every single film we showed for our spotlight on Gay Hollywood, in July I watched the John Gilbert birthday tribute films, all of the Star of the Month Ronald Colman films, *and* all of the Alfred Hitchcock films we showed that I had not seen before, in August I spent a lot of time with Lon Chaney and Elvis Presley, and last, but certainly not least, this December I watch THIRTY-TWO Lana Turner movies. Yep. I missed two the first week because my commitment was not yet at 100%, but I doubled down during my vacation and I made magic happen. I now only have 9 Lana Turner movies from her entire filmography left. I will track them down and I will watch them. She is marvelous. Hit me up on Twitter if you want some recommendations!

This was a great year for film noir. TCM launched Noir Alley hosted by Eddie Muller and I got to help lead the marketing of the weekly Sunday morning series. I also got to go to Noir City in Chicago, which was so much fun. Noirvember celebrated its 8th year!!! Not only did Eddie mention Noirvember in all of his intro/outros on air for the month, but Videodrome ATL let me curate a Noirvember shelf not once, but twice!, a Czech cinematheque held a weeklong film festival (and called me a “rentless cinephile), and #Noirvember even got a shout out in the New York Times! Not too shabby for a little movement I started by myself when I was living in the back of my parents’ house!

As you may have noticed the Female Filmmaker Friday never made a comeback in 2017. I want to again thank all of my guests who came on the show in 2016. It was just far more work than I was able to do on my own. I hope to bring that feature back into my writing somehow in 2018, so stay tuned! I also did not guest on as many podcasts as I have in previous years (for various reasons). I hope to remedy that as well in 2018. In case you missed them, here are the podcasts I was on in 2017:


I want to give another shout out to my two favorite theaters: the Landmark Midtown Art Theatre and the Tara Cinemas, as well as Atlanta’s last video store Videodrome. These lovely establishments have kept me in the movies for the last two years and I love them so.

I also want to write a bit about the television I watched this year. We may be in peak TV but I mostly don’t watch the prestige shows and I am okay with that. The year started with me bingeing the CW take on Frequency and I quite liked it. I think I was its only viewer and it did not get reviewed past its half season, but during my binge I was bombarded with ads for Riverdale and I am so glad. I loved that show. While the second season has been a lot rockier than the first, it is still the thing I look forward to the most each week. I also have continued watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which gets more and more complex each season and Jane The Virgin which has had  pretty rough season, but when it’s good, it’s really good. Wonder Woman got me pumped so I jumped back into the Supergirl fray and I do love what they are doing with their queer characters. I also got hooked on Dynasty, which is just trash but I can’t stop watching. On more the peak TV side of things, I got HBO so I could watch the final season of The Leftovers and it did not disappoint. I am going to miss that show so damn much, but it had a perfect three season run and not many shows can say that. I also watched Insecure, which continues to be one of the funniest, most insightful shows on television. Season two of Master of None on Netflix was pure cinematic joy and I hope Aziz Ansari finds a hook for a season three, or at least returns to TV with some other story because he is so good at what he does. Obviously, I lost my shit each week watching Twin Peaks: The Return. I don’t care if it’s a movie or it’s TV; whatever it is I loved every damn minute of it. Lastly, I did a few binge watches on Netflix. First off I spent several weeks basically doing nothing but going to work and coming home and watching Frasier. I had always been a fan of the show, but sporadically so I decided to watch the whole thing in order. It brought me much joy. We almost had a hurricane here in Atlanta and I panicked so I binge watched the incredibly stupid, but endlessly entertaining CW reboot of Beauty and the Beast. Sendhil Ramamurthy had a lengthy character arc and it was the greatest few weeks of my life.

Before I wrap up I wanted to highlight some of the other travels I had in 2017. I went to SXSW and met John Carroll Lynch, after TCMFF I hung around LA for a bit and finally visited Marilyn Monroe’s grave (as well as Lew Ayres and several other favorites), I was on two panels at DragonCon discussing Noir in Space and Universal Monsters, I went to NYC and visited friends at Buzzfeed, Tumblr HQ, A24, and even got to go inside the Criterion closet! Not film related, but I went to Asbury Park and saw some great Springsteen sights! I’m hoping to travel more in 2018, including continuing my Joseph Cotten research.

So that was 2017. What does 2018 look like? Well, there are a few on-going pledges that I must continue. For the last two years I have been attempting to watch my way through Denzel Washington’s filmography. Last year I had seen 28 of his films and had 19 left to see, and I failed. I still have eleven of his films left to see. No excuses, I will track those films down and watch them this year!

Aside from Denzel, I also intend to continue #52FilmsByWomen, although this year I hope to do 52 new releases by women and 52 old releases, thus doubling the commitment. I also intend to watch more silent films throughout the entire year. I will watch at least one silent film a week, if not more. What are your film pledges for 2018? Let me know in comments.

I hope you had as great a film year in 2017 as I did and that 2018 brings us all films that challenge us, films that make our hearts sing, and new discoveries that allow us to tap into new parts of ourselves. Grab some popcorn and I’ll see y’all at the movies!


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