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2017 in Films: 365 Days, 628 Films, and a Year Full of Cinema!

2017 was quite the film (and TV!) watching year for me. I got really obsessed with a lot of things and I watched more films this year than I have in a few years. After the cut you can see all 628 new-to-me films I watched (and you can read my monthly breakdowns here). This year was filled with a lot highlights both in terms of what I watched, but also places I visited and people I met. Here’s hoping 2018 will be even better!


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Chasing Amy: My Reviews of David Fincher’s “Gone Girl”

If you follow me on Tumbr or Twitter, or like the Facebook page, you’ve probably seen my video review series that I started earlier in September. In that series, I reviewed Gone Girl right after I saw it on Thursday night, trying to be as spoiler free as possible, since I figured many people probably hadn’t seen it yet. You can watch that review here:

My friend Ryan from The Matinee asked me to be on his podcast about the film on Sunday. This was a very spoiler-filled discussion and let me really say how I felt about the film. You can listen to that podcast here. This is definitely a divisive film and one that everyone will be talking about. I didn’t like it, but I’m glad I saw it.


Matineecast 104, Wherein I discuss the 86th Academy Awards nominees with Ryan from The Matinee

For the fourth year in a row, I join Ryan McNeil’s Matineecast podcast for his website The Matinee. You can listen to the podcast here at his website or find it on iTunes. The podcast includes my discussion of a few off-kilter movie picks (y’all should go see Valet Girls), then a full on hour discussion of the Oscar nominations wherein we say we have no idea where this race is going and how exciting that is.


Matineecast 76, Wherein I Discuss The 85th Academy Awards Nominees

For the third year in a row I was lucky enough to guest on Ryan McNeil’s Matineecast podcast for his excellent site The Matinee. You can listen to the podcast here at his website or find it on iTunes. Give it a listen and lemme know if you agree with my assessments of this year’s nominations.


Guesting on the MATINEECAST Podcast

In which I discuss with Ryan from The Matinee the Oscar nominations this year, who got snubbed and wax philosophical on dog actors.

You can visit the link above to listen to the podcast, or you can download it here.

Site Update: Cinema Fanatic Guest Starred On A Podcast

Recently I recorded a podcast with The Dark of the Matinee‘s The Mad Hatter. You can find the podcast on the sidebar of their site, as well as on iTunes and various other podcast places on the vast interwebs.

Please take a listen. In it we discuss what we think about the Oscar nominations, as well as give some early predictions. There’s also a neat little intro wherein I answer questions like “What was the first movie you ever saw?” and “What essential film have you not seen?” My answer to that last one is rather shocking. Here’s the link again. Go take a listen. I swear you’ll enjoy it. Also, be sure to check back at The Dark of the Matinee tomorrow and leave feedback on their official post with your thoughts! And while you’re at it, check out their Facebook page as well.