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2017 in Films: 365 Days, 628 Films, and a Year Full of Cinema!

2017 was quite the film (and TV!) watching year for me. I got really obsessed with a lot of things and I watched more films this year than I have in a few years. After the cut you can see all 628 new-to-me films I watched (and you can read my monthly breakdowns here). This year was filled with a lot highlights both in terms of what I watched, but also places I visited and people I met. Here’s hoping 2018 will be even better!


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Movie Quote of the Day – Boxing Helena, 1993 (dir. Jennifer Chambers Lynch)


Dr. Nick Cavanaugh: If you were a real woman, you’d lie to me about our sex. Real women lie all the time. Real men lie all the time.
Helena: Yeah. Real people do a lot of things. And you bet they lie. But when they lie about sex. . .bedroom lies, it is out of love and respect for certain feelings. And I don’t give a shit about your feelings.