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Movie Quote of the Day – View From The Top, 2003 (dir. Bruno Barreto)


Christine Montgomery: (reading the instructions) Asses the window!
John Whitney: Okay! Stop!
Christine Montgomery: What?
John Whitney: It’s “assess the window,” not, “asses the window”. You put the wrong em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-LA-ble.

Movie Quote of the Day – Beyond Borders, 2003 (dir. Martin Campbell)


Nick Callahan: If you’re going to throw up, close your eyes. Think of ponies and ice cream. Is that. . .perfume? You’re wearing perfume in the middle of the fucking desert?

Movie Quote of the Day – The Recruit, 2003 (dir. Roger Donaldson)


James Clayton: The Iwo Jima Memorial… this where you tell me about duty and sacrafice?
Walter Burke: No. This is where I have my breakfast burrito.

Movie Quote of the Day – School of Rock, 2003 (dir. Richard Linklater)


Dewey Finn: Now, what makes you mad more than anything in the world? Billy?
Billy: You.
Dewey Finn: Billy, we’ve already told me off. Let’s move on.
Billy: You’re tacky and I hate you!
Dewey Finn: Okay, you see me after class!

Movie Quote of the Day – The Station Agent, 2003 (dir. Thomas McCarthy)


Finbar McBride: It’s funny how people see me. . .treat me, since I’m really just a simple, boring person.

Movie Quote of the Day – Le divorce, 2003 (dir. James Ivory)


Roxy: Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to accept expensive gifts from men? Anyway, you should give it back.
Isabel: Anyway, he wouldn’t take it back. And anyway, why shouldn’t one accept an expensive gift from a man if he wants to give it?
Roxy: Because it puts you in the position of having to do what he wants.
Isabel: I’d do it anyway. It’s a present, Rox, not a payment or a bribe.
Roxy: Then I suppose you can accept it.

Movie Quote of the Day – Underworld, 2003 (dir. Len Wiseman)


Kraven: Is there another way out?
Lucian: I guess it never occurred to you that you might actually have to bleed to pull off this little coup.

Movie Quote of the Day – Hope Springs, 2003 (dir. Mark Herman)


Colin Ware: Oh, God. Sorry. I didn’t know jet lag could be like this. I never had my hair hurt before.
Joanie Fisher: Oh, Mr. Ware. I don’t like to see one of our guests so gloomy. Why don’t you help yourself to one of our local-interest brochures there? You might find something to pick you up, give you a little memory or two to take back to England.
Colin Ware: It’s memories that I came here to forget.
Joanie Fisher: Memories. . .of something, or. . .someone?
Colin Ware: Oh, God. . .
Joanie Fisher: A woman. An English woman?
Colin Ware: Welsh. Well, half-Welsh.
Joanie Fisher: Half-Welsh and half. . .?
Colin Ware: Monster.
Joanie Fisher: My, we are in a bad way.

Movie Quote of the Day – Matchstick Men, 2003 (dir. Ridley Scott)


Angela: She said you were a bad guy. You don’t seem like a bad guy.
Roy: That’s what makes me good at it.

Movie Quote of the Day – Mona Lisa Smile, 2003 (dir. Mike Newell)


Katherine Watson: It’s brilliant, really. A perfect ruse. A finishing school disguised as a college. Well, they got me.
Bill Dunbar: What do you expect?
Katherine Watson: More! More! I thought I was headed to a place that would turn out tomorrow’s leaders, not their wives!